Sit down opportunity with Goldman Sachs, how should I prepare?

Hello everyone,

As part of a networking event where we get to have lunch with representatives of a company from our choice, I have been assigned Goldman Sachs. I was just wondering what's the best way to approach this in terms of what questions I should ask and how I should act to leave a good, lasting impression?


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Mar 21, 2019

I would treat it like any other coffee chat.

Conduct research on the person you're sitting down to speak with and ask them questions about their experience, how they got to where they are today, their thoughts on relevant things happening around them, questions about projects/deals they've worked on that you're interested in (if they're not confidential details).

Treat it like an informational interview in my opinion, and if you want to land a good impression just be prepared by having done some research on them, their group/division, what they do, and be relaxed and an enjoyable person to be around.


Apr 13, 2019