Spanish targets for IB

Have been looking at linkedin on profiles of undergrads breaking in BB and EB during recent years both in London and in Madrid (Coverage) and had this question to be posted.

I have seen that the university that places most people is Esade, but it places people from abroad mostly, not many spanish people.

Then I have seen Cunef, which seems to be losing power when it comes to placing in top places.

IE and Deusto seem to be one step behind in the undergrads, even if they are pulling a number of students every year (mostly in Spanish coverage in Madrid).

Finally Universidad Pontificia (ICADE) seems to place best, but seems that is due to the large class.

In your opinion how would you rank these 5 universities in terms of placement? Are there any other spanish universities I should add in this list?

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Aug 27, 2019 - 1:10am

ICADE and ESADE are the only 2 true targets in Spain in the undergrad level, with ICADE being far better for undergrad and esade having far better masters. Virtually impossible to make it from anywhere else without an MSc Finance.
Cunef is good but does not place in London at all from what I've heard. Should place well in Spain but below the other 2.

Tbh the only cases I've seen of people doing IB London straight from UG has been from comillas and esade.

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Aug 27, 2019 - 3:04am

You might be right, I said it off the top of my head but can't think of anyone I know going from msc finance in esade to London. A lot into MBB though.

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