SSE finance VS Bocconi accounting VC LSE law and accounting

I got my Bachelor Degree in China and plan to take a master program in Europe.

By now I have got the offer from SSE (finance). As for Bocconi, I think I will only be admitted to the Accounting and Financial Management&Control program instead of its famous Finance program. LSE is the same story. I applied for the Law and Accounting program to avoid the intense competiton in hot programs like Accounting and Finance.

My goal is to get a place in an IB in London. By now I have taken 3 internship, one big4 audit, one IBD and one equity research,but all of them are in China and lack international Big name, which means my CV leaves much to be enriched. Also, my softskills need to be sharpened up so I need a platform with excellent career service.

I have been making comparison between these 3 program:

Expense: SSELSELSE have the same repuation. Also, I saw from the forum that nearly all the hiring from London in SSE requires the master of Svenska. I doubt its authenticity. But still not sure if an Asian from SSE is still their target.

Local internship: BocconiLSE, too short duration, no chance.
As for SSE, I know many people doing internship due to the good English environment in Sweden.

Soft Skills Enhancement:LSE

WSO Elite Modeling Package

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Jan 1, 2018 - 1:36am

SSE is a great flagship program and I just love their new xterm. If it was Boconni Finance then I'd say go there but it's not so SSE is your best bet. Also, I love stockholm amd just love their curriculum plus the exchange and xterm.

LSE is kinda irrelevant. It's a cashcow program. They're basicaly cashing the LSE name with their new irrelevant and redundant programs so don't go there unless you just want the LSE name. If you want to really learn something and challenge yourself, go to SSE. Careers wise, it does great. Maybe not as great as LSE but if you work hard, you'll definitely get what you want out of it.

Jan 2, 2018 - 1:53am

Thx!But im not so agree with your idea that the law&acc program in LSE is simply a cashcow program.I can still choose 2 accounting coureses and one course from the finance department.Together with self-study of CFA, I can still gain sufficient finance knowledge. The same for Bocconi's accounting program.Let alone some overlapping courses with the finance program, I can select 4 selectives about finance in the second year. What I'm unsure about is to what exent does the reputation and resourse from different programs within the same school differ.

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