Stanford vs MIT vs Angier B. Duke Scholarship at Duke

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I will be a freshman at Duke this fall, where I am an Angier B. Duke scholar, which is one of Duke's merit scholarship programs comparable to the Robertson scholarship. I turned down MIT and Stanford to take the scholarship, for many reasons but one of them was the fact that I received no financial aid from the other two schools.

After college I'm looking at something in private equity/maybe quant stuff/maybe trading stuff/probably ibanking stuff but of course I can't be too sure. Was it a mistake to turn down Stanford and MIT which I understand have better recruiting especially in the math/CS heavy fields of finance for Duke?

I understand that I've already made my decision but knowing where I stand competition-wise would help me know what I'm getting into any if Duke is better for some things than others.

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Jul 9, 2018


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Jul 10, 2018

Duke's a great school and given the scope of the scholarship, I wouldn't think twice about it. Yes, there may be some specific roles or specific firms where coming from Stanford or MIT is a larger advantage, but by and large, Duke will offer plenty of opportunities in the fields you mentioned. Just work hard and network (like you would anywhere else)

Jul 10, 2018

Lol, my low-end target school places half our class in IB. You'll be fine at Duke. Congrats on the scholarship.

Jul 10, 2018

While I was attending BDD, I got the chance to talk to some finance-y frat bros--there's def a solid pipeline. You'll have plenty of opportunities @ Duke to get into all areas of finance. Sure MIT might recruit better for quant stuff (Jane St. I've heard is like 75% MIT) and Stanford will always do better for VC, but this year Duke seniors placed really well across the board. Heard a senior is going straight to Carlyle Group PE. Good stuff

Plus, AB Duke is worth like 300K lol.

My only other advice would be to try hard to get into a solid frat/SLG, finance recruiting kinda seems centered around that @ Duke.

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Jul 11, 2018

Congrats on the scholarship. You'll be 100% fine at Duke.

Jul 11, 2018

Duke for free is a gold-plated outcome.

Jul 11, 2018

Duke is a great school in terms of Wall Street placements. You can find many opportunities due to Duke's alumni. Congrats!


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Apr 19, 2019

The fact that you would even ask such an idiotic question probably disqualifies you for any finance job otherwise worth your pursuit.

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Apr 19, 2019

I go to one of those schools. A close friend transferred from Stanford or MIT TO Duke.

Apr 21, 2019