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I Graduate this summer I Want to start my career in finance. I am one of the best MSc Investment Analysis (course with CFA Institute recognition) students on my course (the best 3) in UK, I participate in CFA Institute Research Challenge and I go for CFA Level I exam in June this year after failing last year. Where to start looking? (I have 9 months experience in Banking in Retail sector.)

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Jan 3, 2018

Based in US so take everything with grain of salt - could be different in UK - but I have a feeling you're going to have a hard time getting a FO position (IBD, S&T, ER, AM) at a bank that this forum is mainly focused on without any relevant prior experience/internships, even with the impressive list of accomplishments/accolades you have. You fortunately have a few months to better position yourself to be gainfully employed post-graduation than if you asked this question in June.

Is there any particular area of Finance you think you're interested in? If so, I would highly recommend reaching out to alumni/related people on LinkedIn to speak (network) with them to better learn the industry and perhaps make a contact that could help you get a part time internship before you graduate. If theres nothing on your mind yet, definitely start researching ASAP. Theres a huge wealth of information both on this forum and elsewhere online to learn in detail about pretty much every finance position that exists.

Jan 3, 2018