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Nov 10, 2018

Hey emoney, I'm the WSO Monkey any of these help:

  • Where do you buy your shirts/suits/shoes? Online preferred Guys, where do you buy your shirts? suits? shoes? Does anyone buy online? If so, where from? ...
  • Does this suit/shoe combo look good? Curious about the board's thoughts on this AE Clifton Walnut with this grey suit. I've always heard light brown and darker grey don't go well, but I like this combo. this and this suits brown shoes ...
  • Suit, Shoes, Shirt, Tie, for MSF program and future interviews? Wasn't able to secure a summer analyst position but considering an MSF so going to be working a non-fancy job over the summer. Is saving up for a $500 suit supply suit everyone on this forum is talking about worth it or should I get a department stor ...
  • Help- Doing well a yaht $50,000 on suits, shoes clothes. 3 estates how bout u ... My apartment is in One Bloor East, it is $5000/month. I have A GOLD watch, as well as nine rolxes, ...
  • Holiday Sales Most are on sale now for about $40 each. Also any good deals on dress slacks, suits, shoes, overcoats? ...
  • Military Officer- Highest Real Compensation? a year on professional goods: suits, shoes, ect. Very high taxes and expenses really pulls banking ... expenses covered (not using electricity or paying for food when in the field). You have access to many ... to schools like Berkeley Haas and Michigan Ross MBA). You also have to factor in the perpetuity of ...
  • Ask a former Brooks Brothers employee anything Read More About Suits on WSO Where Do You Buy Your Shirts/Suits/Shoes? Online Preferred What Is Wrong ... As a former Brooks Brothers employee, I have a fairly in depth knowledge of appropriate business ... attire, current trends in suiting, and also the quality of Brooks Brothers clothing (and how they compare ...
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Hope that helps.

Nov 13, 2018

What price class? Most of the high-end stuff you find in Paris will be regular Italian stuff that you can find everywhere else. There are though some French / Parisian household brands to look out for. Just throwing out some brands, both RTW and MTM/Bespoke

- Lanvin
- Cifonelli
- Camps de luca
- Charvet
- Berluti / old Arnys

- Markowski
- Loding
- John Lobb (RTW)
- Septieme Largeur

Nov 14, 2018

Thanks for these options. I should've clarified my price range. These seem to be on the higher end for an incoming analyst, any recs for good starter pair or loafers/shirts/suits?


Nov 30, 2018

Carl Van Loon
Van Loon & Associates