Summer/Hot/Humid Attire Recommendations

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As the summer season is quickly approaching, figured it was about time to get this thread started for newbies. Whether you are in NYC with humidity, San Fran with perfect weather or down south where things can get swampy; what are your best recommendations for those who may not know how to deal with the heat of your town? (Let's focus on the big cities for the sake of the thread i.e.- NYC, LA/San Fran, Chicago, Houston)

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May 14, 2019

Know your fabrics. Something like seersucker will breathe amazingly!

May 15, 2019

Know your fabrics. Something like seersucker will breathe amazingly!

seersucker is way too fucking elegant for these people. Guys on wso wear air jordans and shit

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May 17, 2019

lululemon boxers to keep your sword cool

May 17, 2019

Put it on the poll!

Guys who refer to their penis as a "sword"... Jackass or Irredeamable Jackass.

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May 17, 2019

resident southeastern US guy here. I always have to wear a suit. a few thoughts

  1. pure cotton starched dress shirts have to go. non iron traveler type shirts, while not as formal, seem best for beating the heat
  2. solid blue shirts are your enemy. unless you don't mind hiding pit stains under a jacket, stick with white or baby blue bengal stripe
  3. compression shorts for your junk, don't have to be full under armour type, but just do it, your nads and your girlfriend will thank you
  4. always, always, always have an undershirt. I've seen some younger folk go without it, this is a recipe for disaster
  5. keep a couple of backup items in the office in case you have a meeting/tinder date after work and don't want to show up sweaty
  6. lose some weight, it's beach season and fat people are gross. fat sweaty people should be deported.

notice in there I did not recommend linen, seersucker, casual shoes, or any sort of cooling device. man the fuck up, if you're hot, everyone's hot. I personally think if you have to dress up, just deal with it. you can buy lighter weight wool (all of my suits are summer weight, it doesn't ever get that cold here, and when it does, I just throw on an overcoat), but I automatically think you're a tool if you show up in a seersucker or linen suit (and yes, I've worn these at fraternity formals, but not client meetings). suck it up, huey long

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May 14, 2019

You can get suits by real brands like Isaia/Kiton/Attolini that are linen and look amazing. Really anything that doesn't have an uber tight weave will be nice in the heat. Kind of lame to own a bunch of suits made out of the same fabric anyways.

May 17, 2019

I agree, a well made linen is fine, but most of the kiddies on here wouldn't go that high end and end up looking like a crumpled piece of paper by lunchtime

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May 14, 2019

Good point lol

Jun 12, 2019