Taking a pretty alternative path. Is this my best option? TFA -> MBA?

Alright so I wrote a bunch but I'll try keep this short. I'm majoring in a liberal art at HYPS. Struck out in MBB, dumb mental math mistakes and not enough prep. Got some offers at second-tier firms. I got an offer from TFA, and apparently business schools love TFA. I will also have some start up experience related to education technology, and if that isn't enough to get me into a M7, I'm pretty confident I could get a Fulbright.

So is it a good idea to TFA -> M7 MBA -> MBB? Should this be my goal, if I want a prestigious career? Do I have any other options?

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Feb 27, 2020

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Feb 27, 2020

Don't you have to get some relevant work experience outside of being a teacher?

Just seems odd to pass up tier 2 firms unless you're truly passionate about teaching underprivileged kids. Sounds like it's just a way for you to avoid the oh-so-dreadful embarrassment of not working at MBB

Swallow your pride and get relevant experience rather than wasting 2-4 years doing something you're not passionate about

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Feb 27, 2020

Good comment, it does sound like placing a lot of value on the brand name of the firms.

OP - your edtech experience sounds interesting, combining that with consulting could put you in a good position.

Doing TFA on the theory that M7's will like it is taking two things for granted: that you'll even want to go to an M7 in a few years, and that they will indeed covet TFA at that time. Both of those are iffy. Demand for MBA fluctuates a lot, some years everyone wants to do one and some years its more out of style. Long term I'm pretty bearish on the MBA as the world is becoming increasingly demanding on specific skills over pedigree. And then also, MBA adcom preferences are fickle too and you can't count on them to value TFA at all times.

Feb 28, 2020
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