The Forbes Billionaires List is out…

And it looks like we're in the wrong industry.

Once again, Forbes has come out with their much anticipated Billionaires list and newly minted billionaires around the world are singing praises of the Ben Bernank for elevating their share prices.

Still on top is Carlos, with a whopping $18 billion lead over the evildoers Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Rounding up the top 5 is LVMH's Bernard Arnault and Oracle's (not to mention America's Cup Winner) Larry Ellison.

There's been some shuffling going on in our beloved industry though; John Paulson is now the richest hedge funder with a net worth of $16 billion as old Georgie slips down a few notches to 46th place, with $14.5 billion as PTJ, Daniel Och, and John Arnold battle over 336th place with $3.3 billion each.

Wonder what Faustian agreement Paulson made, that's $16 billion in less than 5 years monkeys.

More intriguing though is the number of new faces coming from tech; Zynga founder Mark Pincus is in at $1 billion thanks to Farmville and Mafia Wars. Koreans Kim-Jung Ju and Kim Tack-Jin are in at a billion each as well for their respective online gaming companies and let's not forget the Facebook crew: Sean Parker's finally on the list with $1.6 billion and despite heavy losses at Clarium, Peter Thiel's back on it thanks mostly to his early investment in it.

Sell signal?

Groupon, Craigslist, and the rest are making centi-millionaires out of their investors as well so I really won't be surprised.

Anyway, here's the list of the top 20 in finance:

Warren Buffett $50 B Berkshire Hathaway

John Paulson $16 B Paulson & Co.

George Soros $14.5 B Soros Fund Management

Carl Icahn $12.5 B Icahn Enterprises

Ron Perelman $12 B MacAndrews & Forbes

Abigail Johnson $11.3 B Fido

James Simons $10.6 B Renaissance Technologies

Steve Cohen $8 B S.A.C. Capital

Edward Johnson $7.1 B Fido

Ray Dalio $6 B Bridgewater

Stephen Schwarzman $5.9 B Blackstone Group

Charles Johnson $5.1 B Franklin Resources

David Tepper $5 B Appaloosa

Rupert Johnson $4.9 B Franklin Resources

Charles Schwab $4.7 B Charles Schwab

Bruce Kovner $4.5 B Caxton Associates

Ziff Brothers $4 B each Och-Ziff

Henry Kravis $3.9 B KKR

George Roberts $3.7 B KKR

Edward Lampert $3.6 B ESL Investments

Side note; I'm surprised Charlie Munger's worth only $1 B.

Have a good one monkeys.

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