TMT Corp Dev to HF or PE? Am I Insane?

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Hey Guys-

Wondering if I'm completely insane here or just stupid.

I've been working in Large Cap TMT companies in a variety of roles for the past decade: Corp Dev, Biz Dev, marketing, management consulting, analytics.

Past few years, I took the side-door into corporate development as an operational expert for TMT companies. In short, we had a few acquisitions that looked great on paper, but any sort of operational expert in TMT would see early on large issues with the transaction beyond the IRR.

Because of that, they put me on to oversee all the operational due diligence and sourcing from "alternative" web-data sets I was using to do business development with. Plus, I have a decent sized book of c-suite contacts in TMT I've known or worked with the past decade. Also because of this, I've learned all sorts of financial modeling on the job and fully capable with any sort of DCF or LBO.

Since then I've worked on 20+ transactions (my company is a serial acquirer to put it lightly), 3/3 of my own ideas turning into profitable acquisitions.

However, my buddies in various finance roles told me I would be great at an activist HF because I can identify operational issues so quickly- and then can find the web data to back it up. I have several positions paying off quite nicely in my personal portfolio because of this knowledge.

Have to admit, the idea sounds great on paper, but in reality- do HF's ever take TMT SMEs?

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Jun 3, 2019

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Hope that helps.

Jun 23, 2019