Top Hedge Funds Performers in 2012

I looked over this Insider Monkey blog long/short equity hedge fund list and what struck me is how many have shot up to the top in the last year; also, the average holdings is on the small side : 20 stocks or less.

As noted, Ms. Krishnamsetty's analysis does not have access to the funds short positions. Her calculations are based on their long stock positions revealed in their 13F filings once a quarter and that's with a 45-day delay.

1. Fortress Investment Group LLC (NYSE:FIG)

2. Sprott Asset Management

3. DAFNA Capital Management

4. Artis Capital Management

5. Palo Alto Investors

6. Raptor Capital Management

7. Newland Capital

8. Bristol Investment Partners

9. Sun Valley Gold

10. Altai Capital

The whole list is 40 long out of 400 analyzed. They give the top holdings (see Greenlight Capital's here, for example, the rest you get it from their filings.)

    If these fund managers have the long bias ("130/30") why do you have such a swing of performance in such a short time (one year or less) -this is supposed to be a low volatility play-?

    Can they achieve beta-neutrality in this market ?

    What kind of leverage do these guys use to get these returns (could it be none ?)

    Which one performed better in this market, long/short or cylinder (risk reversal) ? What happened with the CTAs that Sept. was such a bad month for them ?

Any opinions ?

The hedge fund market is generally divided into four main strategies:

• Equity long/short
• Relative value
• Event-driven and distressed
• Macro and trading

Europe's top 50 single managers by AUM

If you look at Credit Suisse Sept. HF Performance (released Oct. 19th), Fixed Income and Multis had the best YTD performance.

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