Top Life Science Firms for Experienced Hires?

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Hi All,

I'm currently looking to make the switch from mid-cap pharma corporate development to life sciences consulting, but I'm worried that my background disqualifies me from the top tier firms. I'm looking to make the switch because there's limited room for growth at my company, my salary isn't enormous and want options in case I can't lateral to big pharma corp dev.

Some background about myself: Non-target --> top tier MSF (think Vandy/UT/USC) --> 2.5 years big 4 bval --> 1 year corp dev manager at large pharma company. I have a CFA and very high undergrad GPA. I don't have an MBA and can't really afford one at this point (married with a kid and a mortgage).

I'm looking to find a life sciences consulting firm that does work/specializes in M&A/pricing/forecasting/market sizing/life cycle management. I would have significant, tangible and relevant experience by the time I apply but I don't think MBB is generally interested in this sort of background.

Can anyone name some high(er) tier shops that would be interested in this sort of background? I know there's Navigant and potentially LEK. Are there any others?

Thanks in advance!

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Dec 31,2017

ZS, Trinity, Triangle Insights Group, Inventiv all do pricing and life sciences work

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Dec 31,2017

Thanks. Any idea what the comp is like at those shops? Also, have you ever heard of Advantage Health? Thanks again!

Dec 31,2017