Trading vs. Private Equity undergrad Internship


Background: I am a non-target student with no finance related major but am apart of investment related clubs.

I have a couple of places I am most likely getting offers at right now for an undergrad internship in both Trading (think Flow Traders, Optiver, Akuna, etc.) and Lower Middle Market Private Equity (think Riverside Company, Marlin Equity, etc. generally $2-8 billion AUM).

I enjoy both areas, but the thing is I think long term I'd rather go into PE since it interests me a bit more, but I heard that at these trading firms you get a lot more responsibility and learn a whole ton. Whereas at a PE firm, you generally will not be given as serious work and they won't trust you as much as an analyst, and much less as a summer analyst.

This would be for the summer after my Sophomore year, so I'd have one more available summer for internships after this one.

Which of the two do you think will give me better options for getting the most out of my internship, and set me up in a better position for the following summer internship ..... or far out in the future for b-school ;)

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