Transaction Services: Number of hours? Billable hours?

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Hi everyone,

I have a questions for all your TS FDD professionals.

I was wondering if there is a big difference between the number of billable hours for TS professionals by country.

The reason I am asking is because I spoke with someone from another country who was shocked over how much TS professionals in my country work.

Maybe you can shed some light on your average billable hours per year?

Country/region: Scandinavia
Firm: Big 4, TS FDD
Title: Manager
Billable hours: Average c. 1,600 since I started nearly ten years ago.

Other countries I know:

Country/region: Netherlands
Firm: Big 4, TS FDD
Billable hours: Average 1,300 for people up to Manager level

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Aug 14, 2019

Midwest (Not Chicago) -- Not big 4 but average 1900 chargeable for 3 years for FDD

Aug 14, 2019

It depends on the # of holidays and vacation days a country has. For example, Europe does 2-4 weeks of vacations in the summer, which translates to 80-160 hours less per year. Generally speaking the US has more billable hours but people get paid more also, so it evens out

Aug 15, 2019