UBC Sauder vs UofT Rotman vs Ivey non-aeo

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Looking for a career as an analyst in investment banking. I'm an 18 year old high school student in Canada and was wondering if I should attend UBC Sauder, Rotman Commerce, or Western. However, I understand the obvious answer is Western, but unfortunately I wasn't aware of the deadline and I submitted my Western application after the deadline for AEO. Instead I've been accepted as a BMOS major. I feel like I have three choices. I'd really appreciate answers as soon as possible to which option of the three or another one would be best for my career.

1) Attend UBC or UofT all four years and hopefully build the connections for banking. Should I choose UBC or UofT in this scenario?

2) Attend Western BMOS and hopefully gain acceptance into the HBA program through the in-school transfer.

3) Attend UBC or UofT and in my third year transfer to Western HBA. Hesitant about this, because I feel like I'll be too attached to my new friends to take the proper steps for a career as a top iBanker.

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Mar 31, 2017

Hey man basically in the same position as you expect I am waiting on Ivey. Did u apply to Queens, or you just didn't hear back yet? I think honestly Rotman would be your best bet and try to transfer to HBA, as BMOS is basically worthless by itself. At least if you don't make to Ivey you still have Rotman which is pretty good, Top 4 for sure. Good luck.

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Mar 31, 2017

Hey man I'm still waiting for Queen's, I'm assuming since its taken this long I haven't gotten in. Through the search function I've heard from some people that Rotman is terrible for finance so that's why I'm hesitant with choosing it over UBC Sauder. UBC has the better campus and I might have a shot at enrolling in the PMF program which is the best investment banking program in Canada, but only takes 7 people. However, UofT is obviously in Toronto which is the financial hub in Canada. What are your thoughts on all of this?

Mar 31, 2017

Are you an out of Ontario student? Because Queens will take in students well into May if you're from Ontario. Rotman here is hated more than it should have to be honest. They're not great but they're not bad, you'll need to work to break into IB but its manageable. The only downside with UBC is that they are all the way out in the West Coast, which means its gonna be hard to break into Toronto's Big 5 or small US shops here. I head the salaries in Vancouver are ass so I didn't bother applying there. I mean unless your certain you'll get in that PMF program I'm not too sure its ur best bet. I got Schulich, Rotman and Laurier BBA/Waterloo Math and waiting for Queens and Ivey. If I don't get into those I'll probably go with Shulich tbh. I live in Toronto for clarification. Good luck fellow Canadian.

Apr 20, 2018

Hey I'm a student from Quebec, does Queen's take non-Ontario students later as well? Also I got into the Laurier BBA/Waterloo Math program as well, should I take that over UBC and UofT?

Mar 31, 2017

Oh I'm not sure about that, but there's a queens commerce chat on FB where you can ask that since they seem to know these stuff pretty well. The Laurier BBA/Wloo Math is a pretty interesting program that you should check out a bit more. Laurier has been steadily climbing the business ranks and the wloo math degree could give you the extra boost to break in. I am pretty sure their co-op is also not alway in the summer (not too sure) and so that could be pretty good as other students are still learning so it would be easier to acquire a spot at bank. Idk the decision is yours, I would even email Queens and ask them if they still send out offers to non-Ontario students this late. However, whatever you chose, applying to to Ivey HBA in your second year is a must. Good luck with your decision.

Apr 4, 2017

Go for UBC over Rotman for your first 2 years. Get internship in wealth management or an investment broker for 1st year summer and aim for high 80s, join finance extracurriculars. Apply for PMF but also apply to Ivey business and Queens business as a hedge. If you get PMF stay at UBC, or else switch to Queens or Ivey.

Apr 2, 2017

Thank you so much, this forums been extremely helpful. I think this is what I'll do.

Apr 1, 2017