UBC Sauder vs UofT Rotman vs Ivey non-aeo

Looking for a career as an analyst in investment banking. I'm an 18 year old high school student in Canada and was wondering if I should attend UBC Sauder, Rotman Commerce, or Western. However, I understand the obvious answer is Western, but unfortunately I wasn't aware of the deadline and I submitted my Western application after the deadline for AEO. Instead I've been accepted as a BMOS major. I feel like I have three choices. I'd really appreciate answers as soon as possible to which option of the three or another one would be best for my career.

1) Attend UBC or UofT all four years and hopefully build the connections for banking. Should I choose UBC or UofT in this scenario?

2) Attend Western BMOS and hopefully gain acceptance into the HBA program through the in-school transfer.

3) Attend UBC or UofT and in my third year transfer to Western HBA. Hesitant about this, because I feel like I'll be too attached to my new friends to take the proper steps for a career as a top iBanker.