UMM/MF PE vs. MM PE Offer

I received 2 offers during on-cycle, but I am trying see if I made the right decision given the difference in compensation. I received an offer at a UMM/MF and a MM west-coast firm. Below are the two compensation packages I received. Let me know if you would have taken the MM offer given the difference in comp

  • UMM/MF:
    • Salary: 150K
    • Target bonus: 100%
    • carry: no
    • co-invest: no
  • MM:
    • Salary: 130K
    • Target bonus: 100%
    • carry: 250k vested over 5 years
    • co-invest: yes, on a deal by deal basis (firm has been a top quartile fund historically)

I took the UMM/MF offer as I believe it will lead me to a better MBA program and more opportunities down the line. Do you think it was the right decision? 

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Sep 22, 2021 - 11:15am

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