Undergrad Looking at Options for IB! (USC Marshall v. Full Ride at Semi-Target)

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Hey everyone, I am going to be starting university next year and as a young guy looking to work on Wall Street in the future, I saw this forum as a great place to get some advice on undergrad schools for IB placement. All of my college decisions are in, and now the clock ticks until May 1 to make the big decision. During my application process I focused on applying to schools with undergrad business schools that would give me scholarships. I am looking to be a Finance major with a possible minor in International Business at all these schools. Based on my options which school will put me in the best position for internships at a BB? For what it's worth, I am African-American and could offer diversity to firms. Here are my best options:

University of Southern California (Marshall) (Scholarship + Fin. Aid leaves about $ 12.5 k cost of attending)

Howard University, Historically black college in Washington DC (Full Ride + Stipend)

Northeastern University(D'Amore-Mckim) (Scholarship +Fin. Aid leaves about $10 k cost of attending)

University of Delaware Honors Program (Full Ride +Stipend)

If you had an undergrad looking for a spot from these schools, who would you hire?
Would like to hear your advice and opinions,

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United States - Northeast

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Mar 30, 2015

Probably Southern California for a spot in LA. Take into account that Howard is not a good school but is recruited by major banks to boost their diversity recruiting statistics. Don't want to offend anyone but its true.

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Mar 30, 2015

Thanks man, I think I'm leaning towards SC too. Seeing kids taking analyst positions at Goldman Sachs from Howard is tempting, but I fear my overall college experience would really be lacking there.

Apr 5, 2015

yeah I would take SC and try SEO, this is your best bet.
Howard is a very risky bet given that most students want those 4 spots at GS haha..

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Mar 30, 2015

One of my closest friends went to USC. 5 years of investment banking experience since graduation. Headed to H/S/W for his MBA this fall. Nothing but positive things to say about the school, social experience, job opportunities, etc.

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Apr 6, 2015

I'll take the other position. I'd choose Howard over USC. Why? Because, while there might be fewer spots available, there are also far fewer students gunning for those spots, and honestly, your competition will probably not be as fierce. I have friends that went to Howard, and they are all doing pretty well in IB. Maybe not GS TMT, but the BAMLs and Citis of the world aren't bad, especially after you tack on the full scholarship and stipend.

Apr 6, 2015
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