University of Bristol, Nottingham or York

What would be the most suitable choice to break into finance coming out of undergrad.
Looking for a career within finance or consulting.

Bristol - BSc - Business and Management
Nottingham- BSc Finance, Accounting and Management
York - BSc Business Finance, Accounting and management

Both York and Nottingham have ACA exam exemptions however Bristol is regarded as a more "prestigious" university.

Will a doing a business degree over accounting and finance be an issue?

Opinions appreciated

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Dec 1, 2021 - 3:08pm

In which order would you place these etc. Nottingham seems like the obvious choice however when you take out that, would it be a wiser decision to study Finance and Accounting at York rather than Business and Management at Bristol?

Dec 3, 2021 - 8:43pm

Interesting, is it realistic to assume getting a B4 CF position from a Bristol BSc management degree is doable with work experience?

Can't imagine that degree is very attractive to the majority of banks offering spring weeks etc.

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Dec 4, 2021 - 2:43am

Tbh with CF (lead advisory) I don't know simple because I think it's relatively small and I can't remember the last time I saw someone who entered it as an analyst. TS is much bigger I believe and they do take more people straight from Uni.

However, I'd say that maybe 1/4-1/5 of my audit class were able to transfer to CF/TS after qualification. 

In any case, you could always target regional offices too. Sure you're not Oxford PPE but Bristol management isn't end of world. 

Worst case scenario you do 3 years audit, 1-2 years TS then jump as analyst 2 into a MM then lateral to a BB/EB after 1-2 years. 

Dec 1, 2021 - 8:52pm

I'd do Notts = Bristol >> York.

Who cares about ACA exemptions, the ACA is aids and you won't need it if you're not targeting big 4.

Personally I'd do Notts, never heard of that degree from Bristol and ik degree doesn't tend to matter but occasionally people don't take Business degrees seriously in the UK in my opinion except a few places like Bath.

Dec 4, 2021 - 5:24am

Exeter, Southampton. A&F.

For some reason I'd prefer to study A&F as opposed to Econ, more practical and far less competitive considering my situation.

I'll pass on Southampton.

A year In industry placement is ideal, sadly Bristol doesn't seem to offer such thing.

Dec 7, 2021 - 5:43pm

As a former York and Notts student. I would definitely recommend Notts, it has a much stronger finance scene than York. However people from both unis do get gigs in finance and consulting - at the top firms too. So York is a decent 2nd choice option. 

Dec 7, 2021 - 9:28pm

Bristol easily if you haven't picked. Notts next, then York. In all honesty, never seen anyone go straight from York to a top BB or MM for IB (especially not for business finance) but have seen this from the other two (although still not nearly as common as the full-blown targets). Notts may place slightly better, but Bristol will place better in terms of quality as an all-around better university.

However, If you can get into bristol, why not apply to Warwick which is an actual target? Warwick has the highest offer rate of the 6 targets and likely won't even be harder to get into than Bristol.

Dec 8, 2021 - 12:28pm

Already applied. Warwick required A*AAMaths as a bare minimum, competitive applications include higher grades.

I'd prefer to go to Bristol, just sceptical of the BSc management course with no chance of a year placement. Where does that leave me.

Nottingham most likely sends in more due to the size of the university and its population when compared to others. (44,250) students - nearly double Bristol (22,278).

Dec 8, 2021 - 1:01pm

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