University of Toronto non-Rotman Math/Econ major for IB?

I got into math/physical science at U of T and am intended to do a math/econ specialist program (not in Rotman Commerce). From the forum I've read that only Queens and Ivey are target schools in Canada for IB recruiting. Does this mean that my chance of getting into IB is really slim?

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Mar 18, 2017

Correct. Incredibly slim.

Mar 18, 2017

Do a lot of ivey/queens undergrads get recruited by investment banks or is it just a few as well

Mar 18, 2017

I only know about Ivey, but there's a ton of kids that get recruited by investment banks from here. My section in Ivey alone had about 15 students receive summer positions, including myself, and there's eight sections in Ivey. I know that there were some other sections that put up better numbers, but generally 15 students per section is the norm. I've heard Queens puts up similar numbers, but I wouldn't be able to confirm that.

Mar 18, 2017

Slim, but not zero. I went/am going through IB recruiting from Brock. Having said that, if I could do it over again I would have chosen a target school.

Mar 18, 2017

Is there a bottom line for my gpa?

Mar 18, 2017

You mean like a cut off point? Depends on the school in my experience

Mar 19, 2017

Just out of curiosity, how are things back in UoT and Rotman?

Curious because the kids I knew back then who went to Rotman never had much grit and resolve.

Sadly in Canada breaking in equals to being one of the outliers and I hope you are dead set on that

Mar 20, 2017

I am going to university this year so sorry I don't know.

Jun 28, 2017

Currently going into my third year at Rotman. Best in class students are usually international and either don't even look for work here, or are just not polished enough to get passed superdays so they give Rotman a bad rep. Yes Ivey and Queens Comm sends more kids to Toronto and New York IB but I have noticed that the amount of students at Rotman that even want or are trying for ib is small. I am currently recruiting for all big banks in Canada and GS, BAML, and a few more in NY for ib. There hasn't really been a noticeable disadvantage compared to Ivey and Queens except for lack of alumni there, but if you're good at networking and leveraging existing connections its fine. But I'm honestly one of maybe four students I've even heard of trying to get to NY for ib.

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Mar 20, 2017

A few things regarding IBD recruitment in Canada
-Banks hire almost exclusively from undergrad business programs. Even if you attend a "target" (more on that later), banks want to restrict their recruiting efforts to business students so it's incredibly difficult for a non business student to get noticed and show the same financial / business proficiency.
-Recruiting is less restrictive than in is in the US in terms of the number of school targeted, banks actually do OCR at quite a lot of schools so Ivey and Queen's are far from the only targets. The fact that Ivey / Queen's / McGill place way more people is a reflection of the strength of their student body vs other schools, but it doesn't mean that you have to go to those schools to have a chance.
-Rotman is a target. Canadian banks are cheap with recruiting expenses (or with expenses in general) so I would actually say that it's easier for Rotman / Schulich students to get interviews than anyone else since they don't have to be flown in. For the same reason, I would say it's relatively harder to get final rounds for non-Ontario students.

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Apr 24, 2017

Some great points, but I question why you say "banks do OCR at a lot of schools". Sure, Ivey/Queens/McGill aren't the only targets, but after Schulich/Rotman and maybe Laurier/Waterloo (although they are already a step down) I don't really see banks on campus.

Apr 24, 2017

All banks will also do OCR at UBC, HEC, U of Calgary and Concordia. Most banks will also do resume drops (ie. banks will post on career website, but won't do an info session and first round will be conducted over the phone / skype) at Dalhousie, U of Manitoba, U of Saskatchewan and U of Alberta. Frankly, that covers most Canadian universities.

Jul 10, 2017