URGENT: UT - Austin McCombs vs Emory Goizueta ( undergrad )

Emory will cost about 6k more for my parent's than UT and I'll be in about 22k in debt vs 15k at UT - really not too bad. My asian mom really wants me to go to UT because it's close to home - she thinks that Emory isn't "prestigious" enough like Northwestern or UPenn to warrant leaving the state and paying extra money. Pretty dumb tbh. Exactly how "prestigious" does Emory have to be lol?

Emory Pros:
- I really do feel like I'll have no trouble fitting in here - a lot more people at Emory seem more similar to me and align to my interests. There's kinda like this intangible feeling I get when think about Emory that I love.
- Gorgeous Campus
- Unique opportunity to explore liberal arts for 2 years before going into B-school. Honestly I'm not 110% if I want to do IB/Consulting
- Opportunity to finally get to leave Texas and maybe get out of my comfort zone? - was never really a fan of TX tbh
- Goizueta has 30%+ people place in NYC, although it might not necessarily be for prestigious IB/Consulting roles.
- MUCH smaller class sizes/ manageable campus/student body
- idk my friends were impressed I got in I guess.
- 58/42 female-male gender ratio AYYYYY ( jk haha )
- Frat scene is less intense here than an UT so I might actually try it out

-Need a plane.
- Disproportionately wealthy - might be harder to fit in with that group
-Might be more competitive/harder to stand out
- Honestly not any more intellectual than UT is - very pre-professional.
- Austin>Atlanta
- Absolutely need a car to get ANYWHERE
- Higher frat percentage ( 30% ) - In case I don't like it can be kinda hard to avoid it Freshman
- I don't know ANYONE there
- Costs 6k More
- Recruiting isn't necessarily stronger than UT
- *** No (or extremely slim) opportunity to transfer into BHP at UT which will have significantly better recruiting.
- Parent's don't want me to go here very much

UT - Austin (non-bhp) Pros:
- Chance to transfer into BHP which will offer amazing recruiting that Goizueta simply can't match
- Extremely diverse/eclectic campus might make it easier to find my niche
- Known for being one of the most fun schools in the nation
- Very Walk-able; don't really need a car

- The culture just doesn't seem to fit me as well
- The competition will definitely be easier than at Emory
- BHP is extremely difficult to transfer into
- Kinda hard to explore majors and stuff at UT - I have to be a B-school major all 4 years
- Huge emphasis on athleticism and sports here; don't really have a serious interest in being a huge part of school spirit
- The campus isn't that pretty to me - although I could probably learn to like it
- Extremely Big - Might be harder to find long-term friends with so much people to deal with
- Extremely Large Classes
- Frat scene, while smaller ( 18% ) is EXTREMELY intense and I would for sure try to avoid rushing at all

A) Which, objectively, has better recruiting for Consulting and IB?
B) If you were me, what would you pick?
C) What would you personally pick?

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Feb 20, 2016 - 1:35am

UT McCombs hands down. Get into BHP and you're set. And no matter what culture you get from UT you can have it any way: secluded academics or party lifestyle. I may be biased coming from Texas but I think UT is an amazing option with lots of recruiting options all over.

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Feb 20, 2016 - 9:28am

I went to an UG very similar to Emory, and though I loved my experience, UT will set you up better from a professional perspective (just due to company access). Having seen recruiting from both sides, UT offers a good ROI due to the high number of quality candidates.

Since it's also cheaper, I would go with UT with the caveat that a) I don't know much about emory's recruiting pulll and b) some people just prefer going to smaller schools with more access to teachers, resources,etc.

Feb 20, 2016 - 12:28pm


Yeah, sorry about that. It sorta is urgent though, because I need to decide on a school within 10 days for Emory by some sort of early contract

ConsultingQuant UTDFinanceGuy

So I managed to haggle the price a little bit better. My parent's will now only have to pay about 1.5k more for Emory, although I have to deal with the same amount of debt (22k vs 15k)

Is Emory not the overall better school or am I deluding myself? Damn, if UT didn't have the opportunity to transfer into BHP, I would have picked Emory by now.. Idk, maybe I'm following the U.S News ranking too closely, but going to a Top 20/21 private school for practically the same cost as a state school just sounds like a good deal..

why is this decision so difficult haha

Feb 20, 2016 - 3:21pm


Idk, maybe I'm following the U.S News ranking too closely, but going to a Top 20/21 private school for practically the same cost as a state school just sounds like a good deal..

When you enter the work force, you'll quickly observe some disconnect between rankings and reality. For finance recruiting outcomes, Emory is not necessarily better than UT. Regarding general reputation, Emory is not necessarily more prestigious than UT.

Feb 20, 2016 - 4:25pm

What kind of grades you have, networking, personality, and actual on the job skills will all matter far more than which school you choose. Don't stress bud, the marginal difference between the schools isn't that big whichever way you go.

Like I said, not sure Emory is really a better school (even excluding BHP for UT) - however, as you can tell from the message board, it's pretty hard to get people to agree on just about anything (including school "prestige").

Feb 20, 2016 - 1:53pm

Recruiting for normal UT finance kids is almost the same to that of BHP kids. BHP does have better name recognition, however the main benefit is probably grade inflation. Truth is you most likely won't transfer into BHP, so if that is all that is attracting you then the decision should be easy.

Feb 20, 2016 - 3:19pm

I'm biased but unless you really like Atlanta/the Southeast, Texas is significantly better. Ya, you'll have larger classes but you can still get to know your professor if you want to. If you want to go to a coast, it's extremely doable. If you decide that you like energy or real estate, McCombs places with the best.

If you want IB or consulting, you can get it and you don't have to be in BHP to place well. Sure, it would help but you can easily network and end up pretty much wherever you want if you have a good resume.

Texas does have a strong Greek system but going Greek can be a huge advantage since it's just a group of guys that have a vested interest in helping you. GHL in Houston is almost all UT SAE alumni (or maybe it's Sig EP, I don't remember). If you don't join a fraternity then no one will care and any of the number of business associations on campus are also extremely helpful.

And maybe you don't like sports but any Texas game in any sport is always a great time.

If you want to get away from home then go to Emory, it's also a great school. But Texas has a ton of advantages that you can't get there.

Feb 20, 2016 - 8:10pm

@BTOWN" horn95
IDK, that also seems like a concern; when an entire department at a company exclusively hires from a single frat at UT, doesn't that kinda reveal it's importance? idk, as a minority the IFC frats at UT seriously just seems way too hardcore for me to get into it which kinda seems like I'm burning down bridges, y'know? I wasn't exactly the cool, rich, white, preppy, athletic kid in HS lol. If I rushed, it would be entirely for job purposes, which is honestly super toolish. About 70% sure I wouldn't even get a bid lol.
I could join a business fraternity/spirit group at UT I guess? Emory's frats are significantly more chill and more diverse, so it honestly might be worth a shot.

ADDITIONALLY, this is probably my greatest concern; it seems like 80-90% IB/Consulting gigs happen at Houston. I'm sorry, but I really, REALLY don't want to live in Houston and tbh it would be really nice if I could just work outside of Texas in general. It just seems like the UT brand seriously dilutes when you leave Texas ( E.G you need to be absolutely amazing/practically a genius to place in NYC from UT )

The reason Emory keeps on tugging at me is not because I love Atlanta/the southeast ( it really doesn't seem That much different from Houston ), but how much more broadly Emory students work. It would be really cool to leave the South for work, and Emory seems to have a better network in the Northeast..

Goizueta: 38% McCombs: 6.8%
Goizueta: 44% McCombs: Almost 80%

Who knows, maybe I'm misguided. But those are statistics that came straight from the official websites. Although it is true that even though Emory places more in NYC/California/ect. that doesn't necessarily mean that they are for the coveted IB/Consulting gigs.

Except for O&G/Real Estate, do you think I'm explicitly losing out on anything by going to Emory? Because, if they really are equal for everything else and Emory places more in NYC, I think it will be a better fit for me. Is UT's brand name seriously better than Emory's?

How does this idea sound:
Go to UT just for freshman year. Apply to BHP, and a bunch of other target schools I probably won't get into ( Georgetown MSB, Wharton, Stanford, Northwestern, Columbia, et al. ) and then Emory ( easy to transfer into ). If I get into BHP or any of the other programs, I go there. If I get rejected from BHP and all the other targets and I don't like UT as much as predicted, I transfer to Emory. If I end up learning to love UT/Texas even without BHP, I stay here? My SAT is quite good (2250+) so that puts in me in a good spot for transferring

Mar 6, 2016 - 5:34am

UT Austin McCombs (in-state) vs Emory Goizueta (Originally Posted: 01/09/2016)

Hey all, high school senior here trying to decide between these two schools. I honestly think I am a better "fit" for Emory; I'm a bit more intellectual/introspective and actually see value in studying theory/having intellectual discussions. I'll probably double major in Finance and Philosophy ( strong interest ).
I'm probably the most unathletic guy you'll ever meet ( not even exaggerating ) and I don't give a shit about watching sports at all. Despite this, I also appreciate the girls/parties/weather/fun-aspect in a school. But, it just seems like I'll fit in better socially at Emory. Also, the Emory name is pretty prestigious although not ivy-level. Emory will probably be more competitive student-body wise because it's significantly more selective. However, Emory does seem to place more into NYC than UT but that doesn't necessarily mean for IB.

I forgot to apply to BHP at McComb's because I am a dipshit. McComb's in general has a better reputation than Goizueta and is THE TOP target for Houston. There is also a chance that I can transfer into BHP after freshman year if I absolutely kill it. However, I'm not a fan of a) it's huge size and huge class sizes b) it's overbearing focus on athletics c) McComb's fratty culture. However, I love Austin, with it's slew of things to do and it's awesome diversity/liberalism. I think UT in general is in a better location ( heart of Austin ) vs. Emory ( in a boring suburb near Atlanta ) and nothing near Emory will never be able to match 6th Street. It just seems like I might get overwhelmed by UT and get completely lost - I had a couple bad experiences in the past when I visited it.

If I get into BHP ( which I might but probably not ) it's UNDENIABLY and UNPRECEDENTEDLY better than Goizueta. However, I find Emory's value of lib. arts and it's heavy focus on academics rather than athletics more attractive to me. My HEART says Emory, my BRAIN says UT. I feel like if I go to Emory, I might miss out on UT's incredibly fun culture, Austin, and McComb's BHP recruiting. If I go to UT, I might miss out on Emory's unique intellectual culture, better fit, smaller class sizes, beautiful campus, opportunity to leave the state, inclusive community, ect.

Feb 21, 2016 - 10:31am

Pessimistic view but both schools will give you access to the top jobs consulting/banking/tech. However, if you have a BBA from McCombs it would be much easier than if you go to Emory do average for your first two years and don't get into the business school. Of course everyone says F it I won't have trouble getting in. Not a knock on you, as obv I don't know you. I do think already being in the business school helps a lot though.

Mar 6, 2016 - 5:36am

In regards to fit, UT is such a huge school that any type of person, especially an intellectual or introspective type, will be able to find a social scene they fit in with. I go to a smaller, even more greek-life driven school and that is still true there. Girls and bar scene will be much better at UT as well. I really recommend going to accepted student days at each, they definitely will help you get a better sense of culture.

Mar 6, 2016 - 5:37am

Looks like you've made your decision. Not sure why you're here.

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Mar 6, 2016 - 5:38am

Emory Goizueta vs UT Austin McCombs ( non - BHP ) - Undergrad (Originally Posted: 05/13/2015)

I was lazy AF in high school and I didn't get into any ivies, northwestern, g-town, duke, ect. Probably should have tried harder. Boston College isn't giving me any FA because they're assholes.

Anyways, I'm left with Emory and UT Austin. Assuming that I don't get a transfer into BHP ( it's fuking competitive ) and I get into Goizueta ( i heard its fuking easy ) which one has better recruiting for IB/Consulting? Maybe I can kill it and get into BHP but I'm not counting on it. UT is obviously cheaper by like 7k/year but it's not too bad. BC will cost me 25k more lol.

I honestly like the culture and size of Emory more than I like UT Austin, not huge on football and stuff but I can probably have fun at UT.

Location-wise, I hate the South in general. My dream is to live in Chicago but I was too dumb to get into Northwestern ( I'll probably try transferring there later ). Both are honestly garbage for recruiting in the Midwest ( at least for non-BHP), but I'm willing to work in the South as long as the job is damn good.

Austin > Atlanta but I can deal with both. I'm not super gung-ho about NYC but if I get an IB gig there I'm definitely taking it over the South lol. Emory has 38% of people getting jobs at NYC. Both median salaries are about 60k. I don't care where I work because honestly Texas and Georgia really aren't that different. Ideally I get the best job possible in Georgia/Texas and I get an MBA from Kellogg and kill it at Chi-town.

Mar 6, 2016 - 5:41am

Texas. BHP is overrated in terms of job placement - In general, the kids that get into finance from BHP could have easily gotten in from the regular program. BHP doesn't turn them into better candidates, but the kids that can get into IBD are generally good enough to get into BHP as well. From what I've seen there's very little differentiation between BHP and regular finance kids from a recruiter's perspective and non-BHP students get jobs at GS/MS pretty often.

Banking is competitive at both schools and it'll be tough to get to NYC or Chicago out of either, but McCombs has the huge advantage of being close to Houston, making it the top target for BBs there. So if you're fine with working in Houston for a few years, getting your MBA at Kellogg/Booth/wherever then I'd recommend UT. I don't really have any experience with Emory's network, but I'm under the impression that UT's is stronger as well. And Austin > Atlanta unless you're a rapper or play for the Falcons.

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Mar 6, 2016 - 5:46am

Lel ty for all the personality evaluators I found ur analysis super helpful and on topic. I think I'm going to Emory BC I like the smaller size better plus its campus is banging. Recruiting is pretty damn similar so yah.

Mar 6, 2016 - 5:48am

Location-wise, I hate the South in general.

Oh they are going to have fun with you for four years

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Mar 6, 2016 - 5:56am

(undergrad) Emory Goizueta vs UT non-bhp (Originally Posted: 05/27/2015)

Can someone give me some guidance on this? I saw another thread on this but most people there were pretty unhelpful and never really gave a clear consensus.

Emory will cost approximately 6k more per year. Honestly, as a school, I really like Emory as a whole a little bit more than UT. The campus is absolutely gorgeous and all the buildings and facilities are really pristine. The campus body seems smarter and more of my type in general... I'm naturally kind of introverted, so I think maybe the smaller setting of the school would be better for me. I also like the idea of leaving Texas for a while and kinda starting a new leaf. Also, Greek Life here is supposed to be pretty inclusive. I'm not super hard on frats but I think it would be worth trying it out. I also like that the B-School doesn't start until junior year, so I get two years to figure things out and decide if I really want to get into business or not.

UT is honestly the smarter choice. The recruiting at BHP totally crushes' Emory, don't know about normal McCombs though. There's the possibility I could transfer into the BHP program ( which is EXTREMELY difficult ) and get Wharton-level recruiting, but it's very likely that I won't get in. UT seems to be a very loud and proud kinda school; it might take me a while for me to acclimate. The campus isn't nearly as pretty as Emory's and is huge as fuck. Also, Greek life is exclusive as hell over there and is honestly too much of a pain in the ass to deal with.

Also, I don't mean to be shallow, but there's the prestige factor. Like no one gives a shit if you get into UT, even if it's McCombs BHP. But when I got into Emory, even though it isn't even THAT hard to get into, my principal walked into my class and personally congratulated me lol.

TLDR; I like Emory as a whole better. Emory I would start b-school junior year vs freshman year ut Austin. McCombs probably has better recruiting, most likely not going to get into BHP.

Mar 6, 2016 - 5:59am

You've already made your decision. If you want to do energy in Houston then it's obviously McCombs but if you don't know that, then go to Emory. Either way, you can't go wrong.

I'll say this though, there are all kinds of groups to join at UT and it doesn't have to be a fraternity. That said, the top tier is pretty exclusive and if you don't know guys that are already in one, then you definitely will have a hard time getting in one. But you could just as easily get involved with a ton of other service organizations (look into Tejas) or clubs that will provide you a ton of friends/connections.

Mar 6, 2016 - 6:02am


You've made your decision. Atlanta is a great city. Either way you go try out a fraternity. Its a great networking tool and will make you a better man.

I'm just slightly concerned over the recruiting four years down the line. Is UT's superior OCR not substantial enough for me to pick it on its own? What if I go to Emory and decide to do energy IB?

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