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Hello Monkeys, I am sure some of you are curious as to my recent developments, and there have been a few. So let's begin:

When I originally posted my question, I was very new to the concept of walking in, as I'm sure some of you can relate to. I received great feedback and advice which not only allowed me to craft my own strategy, but boosted my confidence as well. I knocked on quite a few doors; had a regimented schedule. Landed a few interviews, some informational while others employment related. Gained exposure to a variety of niches and roles along the way. Intellectually stimulated, emotionally challenged and painfully anxious at times would be how I describe my state.

However, I did manage to learn about some interesting positions - one as Portfolio/Trading Analyst had 3 rounds of interviews, with no offer at the end. Second role in Advisor Distribution at a BB was a go but an issue occurred last minute and the offer was revoked - this was through networking. Third, in PWM at a boutique through old fashioned email resume and a similar role at a BB through networking. Finally, a role in Hedge Fund and PE due diligence.

I was quite busy. Met a lot of people during the process and while attending CFA events, ran into a few of them there. All positive interactions - I enjoyed them actually. One of the roles I was referred to was through someone I met at an event while another was off LinkedIn. I am just sharing part of my strategy as I believe it is a customized and subjective process - in reality I was applying numerous tactics during the hunt.

A well written resume and cover letter helped. The balls, that I apparently possess according to a few members, are without a doubt, necessary. Other people's advice is important but you have to tailor it to you're role and who you are as a professional (realistically; not who you think you are and deserve to be acknowledged as b/c you had a 3.9 from a target or can approach a Director at a BB and start shooting the shit about his thoughts on the talk about hedging strategies with ETFs - yes, I did that). Throughout it all, I was drained and discouraged at times but .... drum roll please ....

I was offered two positions within a 24 hour period. I don't want to get involved with details, but needless to say I was blessed to be in a situation job seekers dream of and was able to honestly and ethically leverage a deal with the role I had originally wanted. I am glad to report that I have landed the Due Diligence role and start next week.

I hope my story inspires, motivates and reassures readers that it is possible to go out and get shit done. Your dream job is a handshake away.



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Grats brah. Sexy story.

Frank Sinatra - "Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy."


Congrats dude! This is something I need to do myself, as just applying to OCR positions and sending cold emails isn't working out for me.


hats off to you sir, brilliantly tried and written.


Thanks monkeys!


All we need is just a little patience

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