Wall Street Prep Modelling Course for ER

Hi all,

I am considering purchasing the Wall Street Prep premium package to prepare to break into ER.

For those that have done the course, could you please provide your opinion on whether it is worth for someone looking to break into ER given that it is geared towards IB?


WSO Elite Modeling Package

  • 6 courses to mastery: Excel, Financial Statement, LBO, M&A, Valuation and DCF
  • Elite instructors from top BB investment banks and private equity megafunds
  • Includes Company DB + Video Library Access (1 year)

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Sep 15, 2015 - 8:56am

There are plenty of reviews online but I purchased it last month and have had a great experience with it so far. I wish it showed quarterly modeling as opposed to annual but otherwise it is well worth it in my opinion. Overall they are very accommodating. It is worth noting however that the premium package assumes you have a pretty good knowledge of accounting already.

I am finding it hard to make time for all the courses ( I just completed modeling so far) but there is a great deal of material and all my interaction with customer service has been excellent.

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Sep 15, 2015 - 10:58am

BIWS suitable for ER?? (Originally Posted: 05/15/2011)

Hi guys,

is biws suitable for ER? I'm trying to get ahead in terms of technical skills.. a head start before training. Is it suitable? there was a video on preview and I noticed it emphasised alot on merger models and what not.

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300+ video lessons across 6 modeling courses taught by elite practitioners at the top investment banks and private equity funds -- Excel Modeling -- Financial Statement Modeling -- M&A Modeling -- LBO Modeling -- DCF and Valuation Modeling -- ALL INCLUDED + 2 Huge Bonuses.

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Sep 15, 2015 - 10:59am

From what I've seen, the complexity of your models depends on your group. Most of my team are ex-bankers so the models are a little more technical than others. Currently trying to get through a model where revenue starts on approx. line 300 in excel (definitely an exception)

I've used BIWS and it is a good start but just ignore the LBO and merger stuff; probably will never use it. Really useful if your covering O&G or banks.

Sep 15, 2015 - 11:01am

I agree with a lot of the above comments. I used it, and it really helped me understand the model-building process. The other material in there is very helpful to know, but as kalga and others said less relevant in ER but the excel portion at the beginning and other material was extremely helpful in landing a job, as well as becoming more comfortable in general with what you'd be doing. Well worth the investment I think.

Sep 15, 2015 - 11:03am

Wall ST Prep or BISW for equity research associate interview? (Originally Posted: 07/28/2013)

First round fit phone interview next week for a MM ER gig, should be OK.

From what I learned about ER interview so far is I will have to write an update note and possibly do a three-statement model. I researched both WSP and BISW and feel like only accounting basic and the 3-statement model are relevant to my interview(a lot of them are on transaction modeling). Should I still spend money on either of them or just google? Thank you in advance for any comments.

Sep 15, 2015 - 11:07am

Thanks for all the inputs folks, I have decided to buy the BIWS fundamental just to be more efficient in my preparation. I have two more technical interviews so I can't spend my time on this.

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