What are considered back office roles in MBB?

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Apparently back office in consulting gets a ton of shit here on WSO. I know HR for sure counts as back office. But what else?

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Dec 28, 2018

Within each firm, there's a practice that runs the business of the consulting firm. Same with the banks and any business. There are people:

  1. Doing the business of the business (consulting, banking, pharma, tech, etc.). Meeting with clients, selling services, providing support to clients, developing leads, etc.
  2. Managing the business of the business (HR, Senior leadership, facilities, accounting / finance / treasury). I imagine these are considered BO
Jan 10, 2019

BO for MBBs would either be their Knowledge Centres in India (and wherever else they are located) or their analytics sub-companies such as Gamma for BCG and QuantumBlack for McKinsey. You may get some client interaction in the latter options but the main role is to make impressive analytics to support the main engagement team - seems pretty BO to me.

Jan 10, 2019