What are my chances (ibanking and consulting)?

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Hi Y'all, first time poster
what are my chances of landing interviews for the coming summer at a management consulting firm or Ibank? I am applying/contacting every firm listed on Wikipedia under both categories,
i want to either be a management consultant or work on M&A

Junior at top 10 LAC in NY (non-target)
3.65 Overall GPA
Double Major, Economics: 3.8 Math & Statistics: 3.72
Internship experience in a business strategy role, for a small tech company, (very result driven, quantitative experience)
Investment club at school

Currently contacting Alumni day-and-night

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Oct 27, 2016

Can't give you a number. Better odds at consulting because your experience is exactly what the typically want for full time. Anything where you're involved in strategy, whether firm side or client side, is great.

What I don't understand is why you want either banking or management consulting. There's only one common link between the two that I can think of as far as the work itself. I really hope you aren't into either of these for the "prestige".....because nobody outside of those respective industries (and people who listen to Lear financial advertisements) cares that you work for those companies.

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Oct 27, 2016

Thanks for the response! I really like the nature of the work in management consulting, but I am also really interested in M&A. People have also told me that both options are viewed as top notch work experience by business schools. So yes, I guess I am taking "prestige" into account a bit, but much more so in regards to the role than the firm.

Oct 27, 2016

Then banking wouldn't be my first choice. The nature of the work is very different. If you want the same work but more exposure to M&A, you should be targeting M&A advisory groups....which points you towards big 4. I would even put those above MBB. The MBB firms don't really have any way of recruiting to do M&A consulting, while the Big 4 firms all have separate applications for the M&A groups that will guarantee you do that kind of work.

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Oct 27, 2016

was not aware of this, thank you for the info!

Oct 27, 2016
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