What is the best way to transition from metals and mining to investment banking?

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Just to give some background information about myself, I currently work at an international resource advisory firm. There my role is to provide technical due diligence for mine acquisitions. I'm interested in entering IB because of the greater emphasis on financial modelling, an aspect of my work that I find the most stimulating. I have even gone beyond the standard DCF and designed quant models. In terms of experience, I've worked on some big projects with clients like Apollo and the IFC.

This was my first job out of school and I now have one year of experience under my belt. I feel there's a lot more that I can learn in the metals and mining space so I'm happy to stay put. If I get to a point where I have learned everything that the job has to teach me, I am considering IB as an exit option. What would I have to do to transition into investment banking?



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Jun 11, 2018