What's Your Dream Job/Title/Position or One of them

Whether you have it or not, or aspire to have it soon what is you "dream" job.

May sound corny but I think a lot of us forget what we used to aspire to be and settle for less. A lot of people who settle don't settle because they like their job but because they don't want to keep on pushing forward.

I don't judge anyone for that, but I want to take a moment to remind everyone of their aspirations!

In finance, not my ULTIMATE dream job (but an offer I had to decline) was a VC position in Singapore. I just could not swing it with everything I have going on. I could not pay for it or get the funding.

Eventually (and I mean this) when I have enough saved I will go by myself for a few months. That is a little aspiration of mine.

Another would be to start a nonprofit down the line and help homeless people and go to India/Venezuela/Sudan for a few years reconstructing slums. I really hope I get to do that someday.

Please tell me yours no matter what they are

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May 20, 2019 - 12:39pm

Mine is totally different but I have always been really into coding for videogames and working for a company like that. Finance has done me well, and in the next few years I should have enough saved where I can start my own thing and hopefully contribute to creating a game (since I already know how to code).

Going to other countries is definitely something I would want to do too. Sucks tho because I want kids at some point and it just seems so difficult to have kids and do all these things. Gotta figure that portion out too

May 20, 2019 - 12:43pm

Thats really cool! I am sure you have connections that will help w funding bc of your finance background. I see such a future in Esports and online gaming in general. Best of luck to you and plz feel to send over and prototypes for me to test lol


May 20, 2019 - 2:27pm

My dream is far off from Finance. I want to be an actor, whether that be for Film/TV or Musical Theatre/Plays, as I've done both. I think I want to save a good bit of money while in Finance, then take a couple years and move to NY or LA and pursue acting. If it fails, I'll have a cool story to tell as I try to jump back into the industry. Will I make it in acting? Odds are low for anyone trying, but I'd rather not be old and ponder on what could have been if I just decided to give up on that dream.

May 20, 2019 - 2:38pm

You definitely should. There are a lot of actors with colorful backgrounds from all over the place. If you are passionate and talented you owe yourself to give it a shot. I think LA is easier to find smaller jobs and less expensive than NY( I live in LA and I've lived in NY). Definitely a competitive industry but so is finance.


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May 20, 2019 - 2:43pm

Thank you! My hours aren't horrible and I've got friends who are filmmakers and screenwriters so I have the ability to do some stuff on nights and weekends and once I've built a reel I plan on jumping ship for a couple years and giving it a shot. The worst that could happen is I do what I love for 2 years, nothing wrong with that at all.

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May 20, 2019 - 2:39pm

The cool thing about that is you can still do those and have ur normal job for the most part. I don't surf but I ski and I love it. I wish I could do it more


May 20, 2019 - 4:10pm

entrepreneur of a billion dollar tech empire and inventor (both since I was 10/11). can now add investor to that.

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May 20, 2019 - 4:25pm

NFL Commissioner.

Or any other of those unicorn type roles where a hidden and powerful group taps you on the shoulder. Head of the World Bank or IMF, maybe run a think tank like The Heritage Foundation or CATO Institute.

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May 20, 2019 - 4:32pm

Interesting first pick haha. I always love to hear what people would do if they strayed from finance


May 20, 2019 - 5:38pm

I'm afraid Yaron Varsano beat you to it but you could always aim to be her side piece lolol


May 20, 2019 - 5:34pm

stage sleight of hand magician

"we do not reach the peaks of these mountaints, without first learning to give up our want to surrender" - shanke koyzcan
May 20, 2019 - 5:45pm

you tell me and i'll confirm whether it was the number i had in mind.

"we do not reach the peaks of these mountaints, without first learning to give up our want to surrender" - shanke koyzcan
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May 20, 2019 - 5:46pm

Checked-out father of three in the northeast united states. Attractive wife necessary, maybe a BDSM mistress to punish me for decades of being an objectively horrible person. My only worries will be bribing my children into UVA, if my dogs coat is shiny enough, and when my xanax guy is gonna call me back. My mediocre run as an MD (had to get an MBA to break into a BB, never made it to PE) netted me enough to survive as long as I have. Who cares what happens from then on.

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May 20, 2019 - 6:37pm

I think you forgot the part where you change your name to Clarence, you own several sweater vests, and never have a brown lawn. The American Dream


May 21, 2019 - 12:03pm

Boxing color commentator

Hello Wall Street, It’s Yours Truly.
If you don’t see it here, I didn’t say it.

Former Buffalo Bills Tailback

1973 NFL MVP

1968 Heisman Trophy Winner

5x All Pro

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May 23, 2019 - 9:50am

That's a great idea. South and central America r so beautiful. Too bad a lot of it is dangerous ://


May 23, 2019 - 10:24am

Journeyman pro golfer... Sometimes I make the cut, sometimes I don't .. I play the tournaments I want.. I have a couple decent pay outs per year, but I'm never "in the mix" to win it all. I make a good living making 300-400k a year .. Occasionally I get an under the radar endorsement for a local Meineke or something. If I don't feel like traveling, I take a year off and be a club pro. So I'm sort of working, but also mostly golfing .. and I dictate my own schedule.. but never any media pressure.

Jun 7, 2019 - 12:46pm

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