When to transition? (Career advice needed - TAS to Pure Finance)

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Hi Monkeys,

I'm looking for some career advise and was hoping you all would be kind enough to share your insights and hopefully your experiences.

My Situation:

I'm currently working approximately 50 hours a week in big 4 TAS. During busy season, that number jumps up to around 65. My work is fairly complicated and I'm given a lot of responsibility. I'm in constant contact with c level executives at major corporations. I don't want to get into the specifics about the nature of my work but it's a combination of finance and consulting. My resume has improved dramatically and recruiters are constantly contacting me. I'm trying to figure out if I should stick it out for a while longer or if I should make the jump early to a pure finance position.

1. Strong job security - it's difficult to get fired (my group is expanding dramatically)
2. I'm learning a lot and building a strong skill set
3. Fully vested pension plan after 2 years
4. The manager that I spent most of my time working with is fantastic as are the partners
5. They will fully cover any certification - currently working on the CFA on their tab


  1. The pay is crap
  2. Don't want to get pigeonholed in TAS

So basically, as I understand it, my situation is: Stick around for a while, build my resume, continue to accumulate marketable skills while getting at least the CFA designation (and potentially the CPA in the situation where I transition to corporate finance) while getting paid peanuts and potentially pigeonholing myself in advisory.

Any feedback is appreciated and I would love it if someone who was in a similar position could comment.