I am really interested in the markets and I want to learn more about it, but I am not sure what the best way is. My school solely focuses and pushes investment banking and there is barely anyone to talk to about markets and S&T.

Is there a guide or textbook to learn the fundamentals of the causes/effects such as what happens when interest rates rise, etc.

I've been just looking at Business Insider, MorningBrew, and watching Bloomberg, but it's hard to keep up with everything.

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Investopedia. I've learned more from the website than I have most of my investments classes. Just start doing google searches on what you want to learn about and look to see if Investopedia has any good articles or definitions on the topic of interest. As far as books go, I don't know any that talk about the markets in general. Can you narrow your question?

If you want to know about equities start reading online about equities markets. If you want to know about the bond market, do the same. There's also options, futures, swaps, and currency markets as well. The principles all remain the same between each, just different underlying assets. Buy low, sell high. Not sure if that's what you were looking for but that's all I know. If you want investing strategies there are better books on that rather than the general markets.

As far as interest rates go, from what I know there isn't a clear-cut answer as to what happens to stocks when interest rates change. In the bond market though, when interest rates are high, you might see more bond traders buying long-term bonds and holding them till interest rates are low. Then they can sell them and make a profit on the premium. Then they might jump into equities because bond yield are low driving up the demand for equities which may or may not drive up equity prices due to a million other factors that can affect equity prices. Hope that helps.

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