WUSTL MS Finance Corporate Track VS Illinois Institute of Technology MS Finance

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Please bear with/forgive me if I am not being thorough enough, this is my first time posting. I was recently admitted to Illinois Institute of Technology MS Finance and the WUSTL MS Finance Corporate Finance track. I like the Illinois Tech option mainly because it looks like it offers more quantitative/computational courses; also the location gives the school an advantage. My concern is that the program is not well known outside of Chicago.

My background: I am a recent graduate with a BS in Economics from top 50 US school. I was a Finance and Accounting Intern for the CFO of a large international airport and had another internship as an "economist" for a major advocacy group in Washington, DC. I am still explorig my career goals but have interests in: Sales and Trading, Investment Analyst, and Private Equity,

If I were to compare the IIT MS Fin Vs. WUSTL Corporate Finance and Investments, I would say that WUSTL's has the advantage in regards to prestige and job recruitment. The location and cost of IIT is obviously better (a little over 40k for two years vs 65k for one) additionally, having an economics background, and going to IIT, which is two years will allow me to utlize my summer off by gaining more internship experience in a more technical financial position.

I would love your feedback on how to better compare the two schools. Currently I am focusing on comparing the future job prospectives and course offerings. Please feel free to comment on where you would go in this position and why.

Thank you very much!

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May 14, 2018

WUSTL. IIT isn't going to place you anywhere.

May 14, 2018

WUSTL won't place him either. You're on your own there.

May 14, 2018

Current MSF @ WUSTL, can confirm. Career center isn't super helpful (though they are doing a complete overhaul so that might change)

@soupa to your point about internship experience, several students, myself included) worked part time internships during the program. PM me if you have specific questions about WUSTL

May 14, 2018

No school is going to place anyone. But the odds increase from WUSTL vs IIT.

May 14, 2018

"WUSTL. IIT isn't going to place you anywhere." As if WUSTL is going to place him. You said it yourself and then said no school is going to place you anywhere. Well you're wrong. They do do. Just look at Vanderbilt.

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May 14, 2018

Show me IITs history of placements. Show me IITs career resources. Show me how IIT compares to WUSTL in Brand and reputation. Show me the alumni IIT has in the financial sector.

WUSTL is light years ahead of IIT as far as MSF schools go. How this is an argument is beyond me.

May 14, 2018

It's not an argument. I was just saying that WUSTL is not going to place him either. They even fake their own placements. Lots of internationals were hired by their fund to make the stats attractive and then they were let go. This is not even a rumor, it's verified. Of course WUSTL staff won't tell you such things.

Yes it's better but the expectations should be realistic ie you'd have to bust your ass to get anything out of it. The brand open some doors and then it will depend on your input.

Now you'll say that all schools are like that. Which is not true either. Vanderbilt placed 70% of the grads this year alone (2018) and other 30% offers came from student initiated activities. That's hardly the case with WUSTL.

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May 14, 2018

Show me the proof.

OP didn't state that they were international. Foreign kids can't find jobs right now because no one sponsors them. End of the day, they have a better shot with WUSTL's brand and alumni base than IIT.

No school places students. Vanderbilt does a better job with coaching, OCR, working alumni and prepping kids for their interviews. WUSTL doesn't do as good a job. IIT does no job.

Open and shut case. Unless IIT was free, the OP had to be in the Chicago area and had a job lined up, the recommendation should be WUSTL.

May 16, 2018

Edit: I replied to wrong person I believe.

May 14, 2018

WUSTL. IIT isn't going to place you anywhere.

May 14, 2018

Thanks everyone for your input! I am confused on how 30.5 credits can be squeezed into one year, could anyone comment on this? Additionally, is the prestige of the course work coming from the quantitative finance track or the entire 4 tracks of the masters in finance?

May 15, 2018

WUSTL is the obvious winner here.

Disclaimer: WUSTL 2014 grad.

May 16, 2018

This may help - https://olincareers.wustl.edu/SiteCollectionDocume...
I wasn't about to find a similar report from IIT, but you may have better luck.

I know a handful of WashU grads (undergrads) and they're brilliant. It's a very solid school and you'll come out of there in great shape. I don't know enough about IIT to comment. Regarding the $15k price difference, probably not a massive deal. But, if you find yourself on the fence it may be worth taking into consideration.

Edit: Couldn't find IIT stats, but here's WashU, @TNA.