Year abroad in Russia or not? (Trying to break into M&A)

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I am studying at UCL (target school in the UK), unfortunately I did not manage to gain any spring weeks this year. My degree covers Economics and Business with a focus on Eastern Europe and thus I have the opportunity to spend a year in Russia (Moscow or St Petersburg or both), I also am taking Russian as a module. My ultimate aim is to get into financial advisory with a dream firm being Lazard.

I am currently on the year abroad route but I am nervous to spend a whole year in Russia due to the cultural changes and sharing a room with 3 others etc.

My options-

Option 1-drop out from year abroad and apply for summers this year (I have leadership positions in society, summer work experience in Accountancy and some financial management and on a high yield programme with DB)

Option 2- Go along with the Russian option and apply for springs so that I end up applying for summers next year (would mean retuning from Russia if I got ACs though), assuming I may get a spring due to better CV etc.

Do you think Russia will give me a significant wow factor thus improving my chances? Thanks

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Jul 13, 2019