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  • Edmundo Braverman

    Eddie Braverman's picture

    Otherwise known as Uncle Eddie, he is the Poet Laureate of the boiler rooms, a grizzled veteran of the trading floors on the wrong side of the Street. From candid advice on booze, women, and Wall Street to searing political and regulatory analysis, Eddie will teach you everything you need to know from how to trade a butterfly spread to how to make bail in Mexico. A word of caution: Don't poke the bear.

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  • Jorge

    Jorgé's picture

    Jorge takes a comical look into the world of finance with reckless abandon. Who are WSO's most wanted CEOs? Should you short China? What is the most baller car for under $100k? Easy, Ask Jorge.

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  • DonVon

    aqueductracetrack's picture

    When he's not drinking PBR and shopping at Goodwill, DonVon pounds the pavement trying to get into banking off-cycle and blogs about anything from resume strategies to social cliques. If you can get past the pretentiousness of his articles and his almost-irrational support of the liberal arts, you might learn a thing or two. Living in the Southeast, Von is in the minority on WSO, and should be able to give you good insights into firms and culture below the Mason-Dixon Line.

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  • WhiteHat

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    WhiteHat is a college senior in his final semester at a target university, with experience as a Research Analyst at a top value fund. He broke into the buy-side directly from undergrad and can give advice on the best ways for college students to do the same. He has been investing for several years and currently runs a small investment fund of his own, with experience in everything from launching a fund to the perils of being a young manager. His eccentric personality makes him an oddball with a very unique spin on what the "college experience" is all about. He also enjoys romantic comedies, Nutter Butters, and people-watching at Wal Mart.

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  • Tt1254

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    Tt1254 is a recent graduate who worked briefly at a bulge bracket investment bank before leaving to start a small investment fund. Primary focus is in equity value investing/trading.

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  • Atmosphere

    atmosphere's picture

    Atmosphere networked his way into Investment Banking through sheer willpower and bribery. He scored a near-perfect 29AA on the DAT but decided that dentistry was boring and artificial. Realizing that finance was more challenging and had higher monetary potential, he decided to change career paths for good. One day Atmosphere will party in Ibiza, author an Amazon best-selling book, and take a shot of Hennessy with Lil' that order.

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  • SenhorFinance

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    SenhorFinance has worked in basically everything: industry, PE, IB, S&T, management consulting and hedge funds. He hopes to get something right one day.

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  • LaFemmeFinancier

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    LaFemmeFinancer is typically involved with large sums of money, often mistaken for a pastry, has bigger testicles than most cockerel’s and could possibly bring disaster to any man who becomes involved with her.

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  • DM123

    DM123's picture

    DM123 completed an engineering degree and an MBA. He has work experience as an investment banking analyst, mid-market lending analyst, and is currently a corporate banking associate at a global investment bank. He also has co-op experience in management consulting, and in institutional fixed income money management.

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  • Bankerella

    bankerella's picture

    Bankerella combines the gonzo douchebaggery of the last long bull market with the cynicism of those who survived its bloody end. She does not: eat lunch, paint her fingernails, take public transportation, clean her own apartment, return phone calls, or keep stuffed animals on her desk. The questions Bankerella gets asked most frequently are: "Are you single," "Send me a pic," and "Are you my associate?" Her answers are: "What's your GMAT," "Is your bonus bigger than your salary," and "Stop dicking around and get back to work." If Bankerella hasn't pissed you off yet, you haven't read her. If she hasn't made you laugh yet, just keep reading. You'll get it.

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  • Aaron Burr

    Aaron Burr's picture

    Aaron gives WSO an insider's perspective on life on The Track through the cynical lens of a typical IB analyst-to-PE associate. His pseudonym is a sarcastic commentary on all of the ruthlessly ambitious New Yorkers whose careers will ultimately peak at Vice President. When he's not hunting down his rivals, Aaron can be found otherwise keeping it real and telling it like it is.

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  • Disincentivy

    Disincentivy's picture

    Disincentivy is part monkey, part gentle villain, wholly awesome.

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  • Addinator

    Addinator's picture

    Remember that guy who awakened you by answering a question in a fixed income class? Yep, I was that guy. Besides a slight obsession with bloomberg launchpad, you'll find me drinking enough caffeine to kill a small child daily. I wouldn't give my four screens up for anything and I consider bond trading to be an art, not a science.

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  • SanityCheck

    SanityCheck's picture

    With both BB investment banking and private equity working experience under his belt, SanityCheck provides both tips and advice for fellow monkeys as well as anecdotes and funny stories. Expect an unorthodox and blunt approach before reading his articles and you might just learn something without getting offended.

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  • 300 Hours

    300 Hours's picture

    300 Hours writes about the CFA exams, but without evangelical fervour. Instead he focuses on helping fellow simians pass the exams or decide if they're right for them in the first place. If you're considering the CFA or deep in the trenches, have a read through a post or two, or check out

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  • Nikhil Jain

    Nikhil Jain's picture

    Nikhil Jain is your friendly neighborhood Canuck - a small-town Canadian that grew up shoveling horse manure and now spends his time wading through equally mucky financials. He studied math and physics, and now works in private equity. He writes articles on economics, global finance, science and world-changing events now and then.

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  • Rocky Mountain Recruiter

    Rocky Mountain Recruiter's picture

    Greetings fellow primates! My name is Robert Shaw I am an Executive Recruiter with a company called the Bradsby Group in Denver, Colorado working in the Investment Banking Division. The Investment Banking Division of the Bradsby Group serves the Investment Banking, corporate finance and Capital Markets hiring needs of some of the largest names on the street and the fortune 500 and fills those companies with top flight talent in order to serve them best. Our group is industry agnostic as a whole with relationships in every sector, my particular specialty lies within the Technology, Media and Telecom space and the Energy space, two industries that are a staple of the Bradsby Group.

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  • In the Flesh

    In The Flesh's picture

    Want to read the best Wall St. Book Reviews in town? In the Flesh is your man. Following a day of listening to death metal, In the Flesh came up with his username and decided it was time to give back to WSO now that he was working as a full time Hedge Fund professional. "I learned more from WSO than most of the professors and advisors at my school combined...I'm excited to be able to give back."

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  • The King

    TheKing's picture

    The King recently completed a two year stint as an Associate in middle market private equity. Prior to his time in PE, he spent three years as an Analyst at a top middle market investment bank. He graduated from NYU's College of Arts and Science with a BA in Economics in 2007.

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  • Asatar

    Asatar's picture

    Asatar is a graduate from a top university in the United Kingdom. Based near London, he has worked for a top 3 bulge bracket investment bank and a reputable boutique firm. He also takes great interest in financial markets, investing and trading.

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  • DrPeterVenkman

    DrPeterVenkman's picture

    DrPeterVenkman is an MSF student attempting to break into finance while busting ghosts part-time.

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  • GMngmt

    GMngmt's picture

    GMngmt is an alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology where he achieved a bachelors of science in both Economics and Finance, specializing in quantitative studies. Since then he has become increasingly versed in the Austrian School of Economics and his particular interests are at the intersection of these fields in both an academic and practical sense. He has worked in wealth management, proprietary equities trading, and founded Gordon Management, a conglomerate start-up.

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  • prashantkhorana

    prashantkhorana's picture

    Part data-scientist and part economist, Prashant works as a restructuring analyst at Canadian retail giant(eh?). His long term interests lie in trading, but he is also a big fan of economic history. As a hater of unproductive activities, he will be sharing his thoughts via his blog posts.

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  • Mr. X

    Mr. X's picture

    Mr. X is a newly minted graduate from a very prestigious university on the east coast. He went into finance because all of his friends were doing it (he has recently discovered that he actually likes it). In his free time, he enjoys reading posts on WSO, playing video-games, women watching, defending his favorite sports teams, and keeping up with all of the news on Wall Street.

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  • EdAziz

    EdAziz's picture

    EdAziz is a graduate of the University of Maryland and a fresh entry into the military-industrial complex.

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  • corporateape

    corporateape's picture

    Corporateape is a former backoffice/operations victim who entered corporate finance/ transaction services after graduating from a non-target business school. He is pursuing the CFA designation and wants to work his way up to the top.

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  • EnergyAlberta

    EnergyAlberta's picture

    is a new entrant into the energy investment banking world in Calgary, Alberta having recently graduated from the University of Alberta. In the little free time that he has, he is an aspiring writer and musician.

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