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Just curious what your opinions are on this. Starting my MBA in Sept. Was just curious what my fellow monkeys thought about this question.

MS in finance one year program or the 2 year MBA?


MS in finance around 50K

MBA 112K


Target School

Thanks for your thoughts!

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    For the MBA and a friend is going to do the MS in finance it's a non target but still an outstanding school.

    Just looking at cost basis vs reward.

    Want to be envolved in emerging markets in Asia.

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    The MBA is going to get you a lot further. Obviously it depends on your experience, but a lot of people use the MS in finance to break into the industry, where as an MBA is to advance yourself. Coming out of an MBA you are going to start at an associates level, where as for the MS, unless you have prior experience you are going to start at the analyst level in almost all cases.

    I can also tell you that I have a friend who got his MS after graduation and then found it necessary 3 years later to go back and get his MBA. So while I think the MS in finance's are great programs, I would generally pick the MBA.

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    of the three you mentioned, I would go for INSEAD. Oxford's a great university, but its business school is not in the first league. A bit like Yale actually.

    If you want to work in the USA, you will have to go for a US MBA though. NY offices of banks or PE funds don't recruit from non-US b schools.

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    joefish wrote:
    But LSBF ranked really highly this year didn't it? Top three I believe? And as regards to INSEAD, je ne parle pas Francais! :)

    I'm pretty sure I could still swing a U.S. based job without attending a U.S. b-school.

    Way to ask for advice and then completely disregard it.

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    the main language is in english but some courses are in french i think, not sure. about LSBF and SBS..take LSBF over Oxford. Oxford's great, but the business school's very young and although it's developing fast, it's probably still not in the same league

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