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Personally, im torn between the two.


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    'We're bigger than U.S. Steel"

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    I like 'em pale, give me the Russians.

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    Another vote for Brazillian.

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    Russian. IF they don't run away with all your money.

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    Brazilians...get serious.

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    Still prefer the others by a long shot.

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    I prefer the Eastern European look. Very classy.



    You also seem to prefer the Disney Channel/Cartoon Network look.

    Dude she looks like a pissed-off 12-year old boy with long hair from an 80's film.

    Just Do It

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    You also seem to prefer the Disney Channel/Cartoon Network look.

    Dude she looks like a pissed-off 12-year old boy with long hair from an 80's film.

    Alright we can agree to disagree.

    Edit- She does look a bit young. I am talking more the general facial features / structure. And wow am I making superficial judgements.

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    Brazilian - no doubt.


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    Eastern European women are the absolutely most fucking hot women in the world. Especially the brunettes.

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    Type "Eastern European Women" into Google. You could put your bonus towards a new wife/gf. haha

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    Give me Russian.

    The HBS guys have MAD SWAGGER. They frequently wear their class jackets to boston bars, strutting and acting like they own the joint. They just ooze success, confidence, swagger, basically attributes of alpha males.

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    Just too add fuel to the those of you who said Brazilians...would your answer change if you consider those who attend the Brazil festival in manhattan?

    No doubt ambrosio is a smokeshow...but is she the trend or the exception?

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    I prefer the Eastern European look. Very classy.



    agreed. women with white paler skin with a classier look are way more of a turn on for me than the ambrosio types. to each his own

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    Russian. Russian all day. Preferably with a thick-accent.

    EDIT: Let's all dream a bit bigger boys...

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    (Mexican Child Not Included.)

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    also, brazilian women are straight FUCKING NASTY (and not in the good way). i like shakira though but shes not brazilian is she?

    russian women, although nowadays the ones who live in NYC are mostly heartless social climbers, bitches and gold diggers (although i know many who are really sweet), almost always range from hot to DAMNNN. even the ugliest russian girl ive seen is hotter than the average american chick.

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    Do Russian women wax ?

    Nobody wants to work for it anymore. There's no honor in taking the after school job at Mickey D's. Honor's in the dollar, kid.

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    I prefer the Eastern European look. Very classy.



    Next time when you're providing evidence, please don't link a zombie-lookalike 16 year old.

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    Yeesh. I was simply trying to point out the basic 'look'. Sorry I don't have hours to google for faces.

    Just google Swarovski models or any of those types.

    I've seen good looking women of all races, but there is something about eastern european women i find attractive.

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    Russian! Hands down! I have a decent amount of Brazilian and Russian friends, and I drool the most for my Russian/Eastern European ones.

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    Brazilian by FAR. I don't understand you guys who are saying the Russian.

    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.

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    not to be racist, but brazilian women have too dark skin and overall they seem more ....shewolf-like. not quite as feminine as the submissive-looking porcelain white russian women lol

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    Edmundo Braverman:
    That's a tough one, but I think it's advantage Brazil.

    The Russian chicks are hot but their eyes tell you they're dead inside.


    If I disagree with you, it's because you're wrong.

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    Russian chick if I could marry into some KGB connection or something.

    good luck getting background checks for jobs in the US. and dont even think about govt jobs.

    Fuck the US, I'll be a fucking Russian oil baron then.

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    I think my first choice is Brazilian given the models, etc. that I've seen on TV and the internet however, some of the hottest chicks that I've ever known or met in person have been dark haired eastern European...particularly Albanian and Macedonian.

    Oddly, I agree to some extent with some of the previous posters that some Brazilian woman can look a bit too manly but if you find the right combo, man there just isn't anything better. Brazil was basically a cauldron of ethnicity that got mixed all up but it seems the better looking ones tend to be of mainly European Portugal, Italy, Germany and Spain.


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    vs. Brazilian...

    I have been to Russia a few times and the women I meet there are on the whole incredible. If I ever get married it will be to an Eastern European women. There's a special aura about them that comes from a hard life generally and a more mature attitude towards the world than I find in most Western cultures. Granted, they can be more "cold" at times but it's all personal preference. It's especially true of the places outside of Moscow and many of the FSU countries. Go to Bulgaria / Slovakia / Macedonia or rural Russia and you will be amazed...

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    i like how all of you are finding the stick thin brazilian and russian chicks vs eachother. vile.

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    when i think of the brazilian and russian women i know in person, brazilian wins.

    although i should say hungarian and polish women, for some reason, age very well. french/belgian too.

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    There exists tall Russian woman with brunette hair and tanned skin who gets confused for being Brazilian. Best of both worlds.

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    This is extremely difficult. Brazillian girls look like every other smoking hot chick you see in the bars/clubs. The hot Russian look is much harder to come across. I'm going to go with Russian based on scarcity value. I'd be happy either way though.