Office Beautification Process

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I once worked for a firm where the culture was borderline immoral. Between the everyday white lies to clients and an unusually heavy focus on production quotas, everything about the firm was off. Basically, I would rather be repeatedly kicked in the nuts than attempt to start my career there.

But every morning, I would quell my alarm and think of the one aspect of work that kept me clocking in on time: my downright beautiful coworkers.

The firm had a variety of women similar to PornHub's categories section, it was truly a fantasy arrangement of women. I soon realized my sole motivation for work was a common ground for all my male colleagues. It then struck me- was hiring beautiful women planned by the firm's overlords to keep revenue-producing employees engaged?

I recently heard the term OBP, Office Beautification Process, and it could not be a more fitting description. You constantly hear of Silicon Valley tech firms with beautiful campuses and cubical decorating contests. You hear how they only use Mac's and have walls painted with IdeaPaint. But when financial institutions are desperately trying to cut unnecessary aesthetic enhancement costs, why not spice up your back/middle office with gorgeous women?

Perhaps the movement has already started, but I say companies need more recruits from Arizona State or Florida State. In my opinion, the firm would not have to pay them all that much, but it would surely keep Type A personalities in the FO motivated at a completely different level. What are your thoughts on OBP to strategically engage employees? Which Wall Street firms are filled with beautiful women, or ramping up the OBP?