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Looking back, what do you wish you had known when writing your CV/cover letter? and contains some great advice for writing your resume/cover letter. Feel free to share our own advice/tips. Click here to see more top rated comments.

  • Don't feel the need to write everything you did down. Write your cv like you are designing an advertisement, what's the one or two details about you that the firms absolutely needs to know? Spend most of the page detailing those sections, shortening less import sections.

  • Formatting isn't about just looking good, you need to use it to direct the attention of the reader. Copying m&i format is a start but ideally you should make formatinf changes that help you reflect what's most important on your cv. Example, low gpa? Make it less noticeable by putting it right behind your degree title all in italics. Excessive italics will tire the readers eyes and possibly make him skip for the more emphsized sections mentioned above.

  • Most important things always higher and towards the left. People don't read every word, just the first few. Do you read every word on fb? No you look at first few words at the top of the page. Cv is same, people will not have attention span to go the the end of each line or last bullet, especially if the first thi g they read is really boring? If I write about deal experience I always put the dollar amount first.

  • Format has to be absolutely consistent. This will prove your attention to detail. It also will make it easier and clearer to read. Example, when listing deal, always list with consistent format. Size, deal type, company type, status. Don't change it up.

  • Don't feel the need to fill up the page. Spacing out text will make it easier to read and also easier to scan. Go for the clean and crisp look. This also goes with the first tip, only write what is relevant and of interest to the reader. Extra details must be carefully picked.

  • Narrow margins encourage up and down eye scanning. It also means your bullets are shorter and more concise. You don't want the reader to scan left to right as he might get so bored with the cv he won't bother reading the rest. But if he read up down and lost interest at least he saw more sections.

  • Overall shape has to look good. As a final check, Put the paper far away and look at the shape of the bodies of text. You want Plump and full sections that are not giant blocks of text at the same time. Line everything up and just observe the shapes and placement of text. If it looks god from faraway, people are more likely to give it a few extra seconds of reading. This goes with the spacing tip.

  • Give the resume to non bankers to read. If you can catch their interest with it, like compliments on the formatting and concise bullets, you'll catch a bankers attention since the content is even more relevant to a banker.

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