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+111 There are many entry points to a successful career.  The classic Target > IB SA > IB FT > PE > H/S > PE/HF > Greatness pathway is only one of them.   Dr. Rahma Dikh…
+78 I mean, yeah that’s a good plan if you’re an underachiever. I personally got a BB offer after my sophomore year and then an EB offer junior year. iercurenc
+59 I went to HYPS and can't tell you the number of under-qualified classmates -- all white -- who got internships through family connections. hominem
+56 The school you go to is so irrelevant but you still managed to say it DuckFold
+53 - "Intern in IB-M&A" ksbw28
+47 You sound socially autistic AnonymousMonkey130
+39 One of my first banking superdays, I get asked the typical "Why Banking?" question. KidSampson
+39 Just keep doing it until everyone avoids you, then you'll have nobody to tell. Problem solved. Doug Dividend
+38 I suppose the value consultants provide is intrinsically tied to the reason they're hired. If you are running a really lean organization, consultants act as extra sets of arms and legs. brotherbear
+38 It's an accurate statement MorganStanleyYes
+35 That’s just a career, not a life. Two different things. monkeybusiness1
+35 The level of critical thinking in this thread in mind boggling.  I'm not asking for your personal diaries of the event that made you leave banking lol  I'm asking where did you GO after you LEFT banking Venturepapi
+35 I wouldn't worry about it while you're recruiting. unrealdrive69
+34 welcome to georgetown club culture everyone jacxson
+34 Lol at White guys feeling oppressed because one black guy got an offer at a firm that has 80% white males and probably 100% white males in senior executive positions. Pathetic. tyronejinga
+34 Nothing, fuck this. And fuck the next Analyst 2 who comes and here tells me to "man-up" or take "responsibility" whatever that means. Sorry, I didn't have the spoon fed to me my whole life. AnUndergraduat…
+33 Oh god... Not another one of these posts.    Ever thought about ending it all?  tyronejinga
+33 Really depends on the company, and the industry. I don't think anyone is *that* good at it, but sometimes a bit of work makes it clear that sell-side estimates are improbable. Here's my toolset:   Markov
+31 Based. compsmaker111
+31 The title of this post was meant to stir controversy.  I'm going to take this opportunity to keep stirring. CompBanker
+30 I identify LGBTQ+ and hesitantly ticked the box when submitting my applications. vomitfreesince'93
+30 This is such a weak, evasive answer.  G Thang
+29 Could never seriously date a girl with tattoos.  What a loss for the girls of the world CRE
+29 I'm sorry, but anyone with Chinese friends or acquaintances (or frankly anyone that lives in an urban area, esp. LA or NYC) would be familiar with the word 那个. good__fortune
+28 Just retarded EBIT_Dee_Ay
+28 In college, I interviewed as a clerk at a small law firm. It was a late afternoon interview and I had classes that morning. I was tired. I researched the firm online early that day.  Mr.GGekko
+28 My conspiracy theory is that consulting is one massive scheme. These firms are all about selling themselves: to candidates, to clients, to their own consultants. navixo8905
+28 That would be like Jeff Bezos getting an internship at Microsoft. iercurenc
+28 When I got my IB internship all I wanted to do was brag and tell everyone how hard I worked and how successful I was going to be (especially as a non-target, I know how hard that makes it). KG55
+27 I'd recommend you see a proctologist ASAP, but if you can't, then here's the steps you can take. ltvthreexcac
+26 At Moelis they have protected bathroom breaks digcratchit
+26 Is my career in IB over after 4 months on the bench? Would I be a complete idiot if I get an MBA just to go back into IB as an Associate?
+26 Goat path is definitely having your dad do all that IB -> PE -> HBS -> PE shit and then your path is Exeter -> Harvard -> trust fund -> travel and become an “investor” DuckFold
+26 Yea which is why I said to find a way to grow DomeMoney
+26 They said they were from NJ and I asked if they knew someone I knew from NJ. They did not. Richard.4
+26 Solid post, I saw many videos of black people assaulting Asians especially old ones. Funny how Asians didn’t decide to loot/burn down their city or protest, it sucks it didn’t get any media attention. i'M aNoNyMOuS
+25 is it bad that i can't read BofA without thinking bofa deez nutz consluttant
+25 I rarely ever post on this site, but I am floored by the rudeness in your response to someone's question in a discussion you literally started to "give back to the community." Notwithstanding the absurdity and narcissism i my name is not john
+24 How many babies does it take to paint a wall red? It depends how hard you throw them. NotJohnTravolta
+24 I personally don’t have a problem with his comment and it’s one of the reasons why these diversity programs can irritate me.    SoFlo
+23 That’s very kind of you! Thanks for the good vibes. I’m a big believer in giving back, so when you’re in a similar position, please do the same. Feinstein
+22 I've only done 3 turnarounds, and all were relatively small companies where we took something doing $1M - $3M in rev to ~$10M - $15M. m_1
+22 Asian detected Troy McClure
+22 Username checks out  HeronAlxd
+21 I agree with you but you have to consider the source. WSO is mostly prospects who are in direct competition with you and are also working very hard to earn a spot. Synergy_or_Syzygy
+21 lmao the title is "red pill" but you're an absolute cuck compsmaker111
+21 "You ain't black" ~Joe Biden 2020 MorganStanleyYes
+20 Nah nigga you gay Yourmomhello
+20 Hahaha, fuck off dude. I'm Asian and definitely will not be used as your fucking pawn. It sounds like you believe in the "model minority," to which I would suggest you remove that concept from your head.  Corporate Raider
+20 As they say, follow the money. MikeRoss824
+19 I was talking about the specific bank/location. My bonus was higher than your base you consultant. hskjdfhksdjhf
+19 How is BAML treating you? theopendoorcloses
+19 There is  absolutely no problem with this. Phat
+19 Q: When did $1,000+ buy-ins become high stakes? Keyser Söze 123
+19 You respawn at the other side of Nuketown ITNAmatter
+18 .............. Pump and Dump
+18 Will share my take and what I've seen as an analyst in basically your spot (analyst in BB coverage + execution team) and now observed as an MBA having joined some of the investment banking group meetings. [email protected]
+18 These comments are exactly what I expected from the sheltered, white, conservative bastion that is WSO. GuyLafleur
+18 Actions speak louder than words. I would suck their dick if I was you. AnonymousMonkey130
+18 ANTIFA runs a solid shop. uniqueusernamehere
+18 Shouldnt you be out protesting discrimination or something? momnpopshop
+18 I am glad to see that there are others in this industry who are also followers of Christ. God bless.  Polak Mały
+18 Shitty take tbh Milton Friedch…
+17 Fuck! I did it again. But you get my point. tyronejinga
+17 Again, why is he an idiot? People love to jack themselves off to target schools on this forum and the guy went to Stanford, Oxford, and Yale. katieledecky
+16 Also another one that is most likely not interview friendly but I saw a while back and thought it was funny: "What do you call a child born of incest?" "Gross domestic product." Nightman Cometh
+16 I feel like Trump is like 1/3 of the people I've met on Wall Street: Rich daddy that bought their way into a target and then goes around telling non-targets "don't ever talk to me about being smart" Turnaround098
+16 Get hammered  iggs99988
+16 Lucky for you, race, gender, and sexuality are all social constructs according to modern leftist ideology.  You can be whatever you want to be. wherethefisdonny
+16 GUSIF: 1 McKinsey, 1 Blackstone (unsure group), 1 Goldman IBD, 2 Morgan Stanley IBD, 1 JPM IBD, 1 Bank of America IBD GCI: 2 Fidelity ER, 1 Nomura Greentech IBD, 1 Stifel ER, 1 boutique   YourAverageMonkey
+16 There's a huge difference between anti-illegal immigration and anti-immigration and no ones for the latter.   EBIT_Dee_Ay
+16 I got a C in calculus and came from a non-target school and I'm a banker. Having read a few of the comments so far don't let other people tell you what is and is not possible. RandyButternubs
+16   I have these same thoughts when I rationalize applying through LGBTQ programs. The sad thing is some of you would seriously suck cock for an IB internship... Leverage Hero
+16 I’d like to think the people advising him have a bit more sense than that. Unfortunately in politics to appeal to the room temp IQs you need to point the finger at someone. timetogetserious
+16 London application system = garbage confirmed. All these stupid questions, and cover letters, and tests wtf is it about? Why can't they just do CV drops like in NY? aaltyu
+16 This guy gets it.    Similar experience with what you just laid out here perfectly.   tyronejinga
+16 1) diversity hiring is straight up racial discrimination. There is no getting around that. The debate becomes whether the ends justify the means volley
+16 It doesn't matter which "conditions" or even if they're valid or not. The point is history has made itself very clear that people have a breaking point. You are only seeing a little of it now with the riots and such. AnUndergraduat…
+15 I'm asian, I don't even benefit from these programs, I can 100% see who does though and yeah maybe SOME of the people who get in aren't the most intelligent, but the reason for that is because they've got other shit to dea melanisticcrocodile
+15 99_Steam Explain how you are going to uncover all of these things through his personal tax return. 8.4.3 Ozymandia
+15 Lmao it’s more sad than funny. This took place last year, when I was a sophomore. MaxEpic
+15 Fuck whoever gave you monkey shit for saying “yes I did diversity recruiting” jimmydiamond
+15 tyronejinga Ever thought about ending it all? Your life I mean. Yes joking about suicide. Super classy. Milton Friedch…
+15 I would encourage you to try to stick it out for at least six months before pulling the plug. I don't know a single person who has gotten fully up to speed on a new job within the first 3 months, let alone the first. ValueJedi
+15 But the issue is that diversity programs are trying to make-up for a system that is not truly meritocratic. So removing them won’t result in a meritocracy. Kay47
+15 As a gay guy who doesn't fall into any of the purported stereotypes listed in this cesspool of a thread, I can't say I've ever been more disillusioned or disgusted by prospects and full-time employees, including the very p ACynicalProspect
+14 Definitely thought this kid went to IU Kelley until he described it as a non-target, which no one who went to Kelley would do. Stay.Hungry
+14 Being an intern and talking down on a prospect is like a recycling bin looking down on a garbage can; just because you're not worthless doesn't mean you're not worth less. The_Dark_Knight_
+14 Ask the student questions: Who are you? What is your major? What are you studying? Why are you interested in Banking? What do you currently know about banking?   Keyser Söze 123
+14 It's my pleasure; having experienced the reality of being the "non-target trying to break in," always glad to lend a hand where I can. Regarding technical prep, I predominantly used the following: DistressedDebtDavey
+14 Your first 10 years out of school are learning and paying your dues. Once you get over that fact, it's all good.  Here are what other ~22-24 year olds are doing: TabernacleHouse
+14 I delivered Jimmy Johns in an urban area during lunch hours while I was job hunting for a role in development for almost 2 years. Bobias
+14 real_Skankhunt42 BobTheBaker BobTheBaker
+14 No point wallowing in self pity. Yes, the game might seemed rigged - and to a certain extent it is. And yes, you may have had it much more difficult than most yet they got the offers and you didn't. Spyko
+14 Don’t listen to these people. Take the offer then recruit for jobs you’d be interested in. lkjhg
+14 i gotta say you have some of the worst/least helpful/most out of touch posts in this forum and you post all the time we get it, you trade futures in your $200k pa, no one cares. arslonga
+13 Heard someone say it well, "Getting married early is a start-up. Getting married at 35 is a merger" NoEquityResearch
+13 What do you call an illegally parked frog? Toad. ITNAmatter
+13 He said what everyone with a fucking brain already knows. Just because it's not politically correct doesn't mean it's false.  2Cent
+13 Moved on and picked up smoking to quit my Juul habit Undercover
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