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+324When I was an intern once, had an MD go to Chicago to...GridironCEO
+241You're probably fucked to be completely honest. You...itsyaboi
+178Let me guess, you're a UVA grad working in Real Estate...Max Heiliger
+164Friday night: drinks at a roof top bar. Usually $20-25 a...Deal Team Six
+153Nope, both interns were male. What made it even better...Ryry
+155There's a reason you're not at Blackstone, and it's not...Non-PC Broker
+151it's called cocaine you moronguggroth93
+143The answer to this is absolutely relative. It depends on...buzzkillington
+144Are you fucking kidding me? Get the coffee and shut the...SECfinance
+134Patz, welcome to Wall Street Oasis! I'm sure a few high...Guest1655
+128That moment a democrat becomes a republicaniggs99988
+124Jesus Christ, **Isaiah_53_5 Composite Prestige...PrestigeCaller
+126My boss sent out a tweet one time while he was high as...pingers
+122Winter = Fintechstoryofmylife
+121*senior associateidaho
+122You say he's an amazing guy but you aren't willing to...DidntReadAnything
+119Dumbest thing I said was in response to the dumbest...newyorkermonkey
+118You don't give up. Just because you can't land IB...I3DCashStaffer
+112TLDR - there is no TLDR, life is complicated, read the...thebrofessor
+110you're already on wso at work, starting good habits...AndyLouis
+109I made an amended list based on what you guys really...LongIslandBound
+108I’ve got a good one..... Recently I was working on...Trainer
+107Rub one out and reassess CRE
+107Message my inbox with your phone number and let me know...Anon1254
+106Glad to hear that JP Morgan has discovered conditional...Apple_iBank
+107What's up with all of the softy posts nowadays from kids...Fugue
+100The biggest thing for me was just helping my mother get...Options Market Maker
+98These dudes are fucking cancerousleonardo dicaprisun
+97When you reach "Human" status on WSO.Neutrino_CFO
+95You could've just said "Yet another comment from...Howard Hughes
+100Heres a tip, try charging your phone before taking a...The Best Guy
+95You're missing nothing. My dad never made more than...Alt-Ctr-Left
+94Hah! Nice try, mr. SEC-man.QuiltEmerson
+93If you're going to do something like that, go all in...Attack_Chihuahua
+93What are your thoughts? “What the fuck is wrong...buysidebandit
+93First of all, finish your unsettled business with your...Great Ape Jake
+92Cancel plans three times in a row due to your VP calling...Buzz_Lightyear
+91Worked on a roadshow where we provided the book for an...overpaid_overworked
+91I mean are you proud you did this?lost_canadian
+90If the bank wanted you to have a girlfriend, they...MaddCow
+104lol welcome to the real world kid. Better think twice...Esuric
+90T'was a bleak and drab evening, but even Zeus and his...Jamie_Diamond
+88planning on investing my 3rd. 20% into savings account...More Leverage
+87When I started interning at BB, we had this director...DatesExcelModels
+87I love what @m8" wrote. People bandy the word...APAE
+87I heard that CS (Credit Sphinx) analysts had to run the...harrisoon
+87In no intended order: * Delete your username...Synergy_or_Syzygy
+86Back in the day, our trading desk was on a floor with a...TechBanking
+87You're thinking is very linear. When I first started in...QuiltEmerson
+85IB keeps its rep because no one will admit they slaved...WolfofWSO
+86This is why Republicans and Democrats both suck. The...AllDay_028
+85You're wrong. The intellectual requirements for the...StateofNature
+84What in the literal fuck are you talking aboutFinanceWannaBe44
+82...I'm actually a squirrel
+87I saw it. People do dumb shit with status. I've seen...TNA
+80Interviewed at Goldman after my freshmen year for some...GridironCEO
+80( Gravy
+81Every intern takes turns wrestling a shirtless Lloyd...Undercover meme
+80I was actually introduced to the process while...rooster
+79Given that the school you go to itself is a liberal arts...CHECK6
+79Oh, come on, give *him* something to work with. Half the...mmpewso
+84Hey, crap analyst. Stop throwing monkey crap and get...reformed
+78I'm still waiting for a response to my 2019 SA...straighttohellxo
+77Must be Deutsche IBtoM7
+77I am very saddened by this news and I send my
+77Maternity Wards are gonna have OCR, so you better get...Orionsbelt1234
+77So Mickey Mouse is talking to his lawyer and and his...jb2
+76Easy. Tell the interviewer, "You're a smart guy and...Sil
+76No problem folks. One thing I forgot to mention -...frgna
+75Seriously, grow a sack of nuts. You have hundreds, if...BillBelichick37
+77Anthropologists in southern France recently discovered...JohnnyLlamma45
+75One more thing: To summarize, loyalty to the firm is...NuclearPenguins
+75literally only refer to numbers in basis points. TheShah
+74Thanks @Layne Staley" and @BobTheBaker" for firing...APAE
+74Like members of a cult, most of the people on WSO are in...dsch
+73Just one comment to Marcus. The way you describe...Marcus_Halberstram
+74This is the kind of BS that MDs absolutely LOVE to tell...xqtrack
+72Not me but a friend of mine; BB IB; "Where do you see...Jaxom
+74You have brought shame to your family and to WSO. Self...DickFuld
+73So you're saying that you don't like paying $4k/month to...Pmc2ghy
+74Somewhere in all of this is the Villanova dude that went...LReed
+73Rank: Top Bonus: Trash Me: PissedBanking Sucks Guys
+72Aunt Becky's kids must be some retards in wheelchairs if...2733278823
+72"*The majority of the workforce is stupid and lazy*"....Elite_Bulge
+79How about not going on an online forum and bashing your...NonTargetHardo2019
+88Also posting from a throwaway account, since this forum...banking876
+74I don't think a person in the building doesn't want to...Nudnick McMooch
+71Good to see even the average joes have a god complexLeveredBetaBoy
+76Lol chill, networking isn't an easy thing to do and it...rubicon367
+70One time I got an email from my MD which said, "Thanks."...Synergy_or_Syzygy
+70Had a phone informational, which went smoothly for the...atticus936
+70"I'd ask for a different interviewer."GuiltyVeek
+70haha, you can see this even with BB annual investor...bleujob
+70By "principal." I'm assuming you mean equity participant...Ricky Rosay
+80I fail to understand why she was being applaud. For...RedRage
+69On a scale of one to nature valley granola bar, how much...Presto732
+71Found on the internet... An economics professor at a...WolfofWSO
+79No you shut the fuck up.REFinance516
+68I would risk losing a job over a hot coworker. Worth it.MonopolyMoney
+67yeah, the answer would be no goiggs99988
+66Strong first postmonkey_brah
+66Thanks I think got cancer from reading that. BananaCrazy3620
+66It depends on how you handle it, where you direct your...Dingdong08
+66pls fix and resubmit. thxJohnnyLlamma45
+66You should probably bring the oil unless you want him...I'm actually a squirrel
+65Sorry to hear you were dinged during recruiting but...s.ratnasw
+66Thanks! I got a sticker on my last writing assignment...AllStateRap
+65Understand it's frustrating to have invested time and...YoungDumbFullOfRum
+63In '87, Huey released this, Fore!, their most...TacosDeLengua
+65A "receipt machine?" This reads like the plot of a 90's...Lizard Brain
+65There's no way to keep personal life out of the office...NoJobProspectsInSight
+63MD of Russian Gulag. A connection to national...SponsorPromote
+63I don't think there is anything wrong with light jokes. ...David_Puddy
+65I stopped reading at " with all do respect"H-1Beast
+63Hey man, I'm here to chat if you like, about to send
+64this thread is boring as fuck. Let me tell you how...GoldenCinderblock
+64shut up pledgebwhen
+62I bought my mother a Canada Goose jacket so she can fit...NESCAC
+62not an intern but a trading clerk: while trading in...SLIM
+63When I was a sophomore and had never heard of WSO or...LReed
+64Lol, this is legitimately one of the dumbest comments...InvestInYourShelf
+62Thanks, the landscape seems to change a bit every year....Synergy_or_Syzygy
+61I was an analyst at a boutique with no graphics...Bootstrap
+62How the fuck do you get him in the dryer though, isn't...Chuck Rhoades
+62It's a slow day at work, so let me me share some of my...Sil
+61One time my boss sent me an email saying "good job" and...George_Banker
+61I haven't ever lateraled. Here is the conventional...APAE
+61Argentina has a financial crisis every few years. I...brotherbear
+61HUGE haul for the SEC. Congrats everyone, we got him PeterParkour
+60Hahah very clean toilets. Although I do like taking a #2...CRE
+60I am only a freshman and don't know much My instincts...dmw86
+60I see a girl eating potatoes at an Irish pub down by...idaho
+60Mid 30s here, and I hear where you're coming from. I...m8
+62I'm not trying to be PC here, but honestly, I've never...NoEquityResearch
+59Are there any guides on here for getting a top...Hugh Myron
+59Run a DCF to calculate the PV of future insults. On a...Massfinance1995
+59One of our male interns managed to sleep with two...NuckFuts
+60Not as mad as the kid who's a non-target student and...JuicyJuice
+59I saw a kid list his fraternity pledgeship as job...The Real Donnie Azoff
+59* "I'm gonna need you to come in this Saturday" *...lapike
+60I wouldn't want a recession specifically to undermine...brotherbear
+58Why go work for someone at all? If you can make 1000%...Dingdong08
+59Dawg, I made an active choice to leave IB and pursue...aspiringchimp
+59Nothing will ever change public resentment for banks:...TrackBack
+59ever seen a fat slave? there's your answerthebrofessor
+57Did he crawl at graduation? Also, he ought to be...My Name is Jeff
+57Ahh yes, I believe this is called the Amy Schumer diet.Chuck Rhoades
+57Nice try, Patrick.BoBandy
+59From what I've heard Salomon Brothers has a great...PeterClemenza
+58Email his boss, "I'm interested in learning more...StrapYourBoots
+58*checks student loan balance* Approximately -$104,678.00CRE
+58I would just like a steady girlfriend to plow on the reg...RobberBaron123
+57You're going to struggle to get there working for...APAE
+57let's hit the alligator closest to the canoeBluestar_Airlines
+56... Treat me like the fucking search feature on Google. Thatyalething2019
+56jerking off in the handicap toilettakenotes08
+56Ok. What does a proprietary network look like for a...earthwalker7
+55"LOL, he doesn't even work in FO - plebe". Please...Fugue
+56Interviewer: Why not go work for where you can...exemplaria
+55Craziest thing I've ever seen in NYC? I think it would...DeepLearning
+55I was asked this same question at one point last year...LeveredBetaBoy
+56Catch him slipping outside work, pull up on him and...Dedline
+55This is why everyone hates wall street edit: wtf how...differentialequations12
+55I'm going to go with things you can't learn in front of...thebrofessor
+54*** If you read anything in this post, read the Third...SunTzu
+54Typical day at my IB starts off at 8am: the sun slowly...Keyser Söze 123
+54I'm not sure I've ever had an entire thread meant for...CRE
+54First internship interview ever - had been preparing the...getting_grady
+55Work for a year, then go another good school....HazelJ
+55Lol, funny story. When I was a first-year analyst...Nudnick McMooch
+54Check for bruises around the skin/peel. Bruising makes...whblax19
+60This one is about as straightforward as it gets. If...The Warthog
+5472 Virgins will be waiting for me after the completion...EliteStudent11
+54Keep complaining and next time you’ll bring me the...NYYCRE
+55Kid has balls IMO - easier to just take the rejection as...arb
+54Take the amount of genders that exist, then subtract 2....FratLord
+54~83% sure she took it as a compliment from someone...Angus Macgyver
+53Not gonna lie, if you're pretty certain about it, then...MarkBaum
+53Yeah of course, but networking and recruiting is a...TrackBack
+57no because no one gives a shit about canadaoulixeus
+53You don't, you just channel your negative emotions into...LeveredCat
+52the biggest drivers of the markets are not who occupies...thebrofessor
+52Don't worry sweetie, they have collagen and botox in...lmaonade11
+52Depends if the MD converted her that nightAusterity
+54spin it back at them: interviewer: "why should we hire...AndyLouis
+52i dont care about prestige or anything i just wanna be...qocbd
+53**STFU** - Shut the fuck up LOLArmhoo1
+52How tall are you?REmonkey7
+53I disagree with the posters above me. Saying the CFA...BobbySantiago
+51Your situation is a lot more common than you think. With...wintercoat
+51Going on vacation to Cleveland?Itachi9506
+51As a female I never even offer to pay it's always bought...GoldenCinderblock
+51One of my friends told me a story of this girl who, the...Grimloge
+51A few years back, I was interning at a boutique tech...Mr. Deeds
+51Off the top of my head... there was this analyst at my...CHItizen
+53Only wear black TURTLENECKS and JEANS. It will make...Lloyd BIankfein
+51I'll tell a super brief story about a former employee,...macro bruin
+51I have given and received my fair share of reviews. If...hominem
+52On a conference call, so I have plenty of time to...CRE
+51someone wanna break the news to him or should i chalupamonkey
+51Sounds like he's doing a good job at managing risk analystguy1
+51Pls go to LinkedIn and type in "Securities Analyst" at...Your boy Blue
+53Interesting to read, surprised given my candidacy I made...A Posse Ad Esse
+51I work at a large top 30 developer managing large...jjacobs06
+52The banker saw several large tuna fish in his boat and...Pussy galore
+50Who just joined? ItsTheSoggyBottomBoys
+50I'll toss in my thoughts as an appetizer to the main...Layne Staley
+51When people look at you, then your wife, and are...gungun
+51From article: Lincoln said they have "standards and...whatstheplan
+50Werent u just flexing ur Maserati like 2 weeks ago? wtf?!Tony Montana
+50Is it just me or is it cringeworthy when someone whose...m_1
+50I'll take a job at any LOLnonTargetScum
+50No, not allowed. Your celibacy makes you stronger.DDqjwopp
+49I'm a macro trader/strat, but started my career trading...brotherbear
+49Never know when you might need the info. Interview going...HFer_wannabe
+49Best experience I had with this question: After...overpaid_overworked
+49Sounds like exactly what someone at ExodusPoint would say.arslonga
+50Immediate scorn for all of the non elite that were going...George_Banker
+50Great post, the preponderance of which rings true from...NorthSider
+52Moving from one career full of narcissistic assholes to...AllDay_028
+48Of course it was a terrible mistake from the intern, but...USC2MBA
+56Affirmative action, at its core, is a racist policy...Rufus1234
+48I donate it to the Bernie Sanders campaign, he is so...TippyTop11
+49Recruiters are akin to low level club promoters.....ItsTheSoggyBottomBoys
+49During the fall of 2001 (the tech crash) I went to a...TechBanking
+49 I went to an international high school, that had a...mbahopeful88
+50I think Edifice actually gives really exceptional advice...CompBanker
+49OP's allowed to do whatever they want. And what I said...Fugue
+48I know this isn’t what you are looking for, but...theATL
+52Ok here's what went down from my perspective. First of...mgaT
+48You'd be risking your life saying snigger in certain...WolfofWSO
+48you sound like someone who tried for ibd and missed and...interpaperhammer
+47"You call that a shit?"r3v
+57literally everything makes women uncomfortable. fat...xgozax
+48I'm not in my mid-20s anymore, but when I started making...DetRustCohle
+47Past experience: "You can just throw this together...PEREtzel
+50This is the level of autistic behavior to expect. The...TNA
+47Stockholm syndromeSnappleApple
+48All of the below are based on either league tables,...lapike
+48No one can give you a firm answer on this. Do you...APAE
+47Jesus, you guys are kinda f*cked up. OP you seem a...Angus Macgyver
+48This is a garbage AMA which could otherwise be so...ValueJedi
+48Sounds like you’re upset she won’t sleep with youBanking Sucks Guys
+47I know when I think of RBC's giant balance sheet, 'EB'...s.ratnasw
+51Screw diversity. It should all be about performance and...BobTheBaker
+46If I were you, I would go for McKinsey. I made a...aspiringchimp
+48TBH when I see: "Thought Leader | Innovator |...iBankedUp
+46Intern at bulge bracket (Citi / JPM / BofAML) about 4...DukeItOut
+46He ended up leaving the firm, broke up with his former...idaho
+47Thanks for the advice. I've been looking at the HBS...AllStateRap
+49Sounds like you are a pussy? Deal Team Six
+48Shut the fuck up about your job in AM already man, good...Nudnick McMooch
+46Exchange student cheats in college. News at 11CRE
+46Depression, alcoholism, and salt & pepper hair.LeveredBetaBoy
+47Blackstone: Tired and scared (Because they accidentally...yiggyyaller
+48"I agree, Linkedin has completely lost it's mojo do to...JuicyJuice
+45This only makes sense if your a girltimetogetserious
+45I'm rich and I drink a lot.brotherbear
+451. Talk about a time when you solved a problem and had...PotatoSalad
+45I like to get drunk at extremely high-end cocktail bars...brotherbear
+46No one really knows why finance gets paid so much,...Esuric
+46Poverty. My mother died of a drug overdose when I was...justphresh
+45Yet again another comment from theaccountingmajor that...Wolfofgeorgestreet
+45It’s insane. The waste and excess - I literally...johndoe2019
+44Oh please. OP, here's a list for you: Silly shit...RE Capital Markets
+47"Became borderline alcoholic (was having 4-5 drinks...DickFuld
+45one could make the argument that growing up very wealthy...BreakingOutOfPWM
+44Wrong forum.BillyAckman
+44I'd live in hell if the pay package was lucrative...BobTheBaker
+44In a BB superday: "Tell me a joke." "What did 50...Johnny Peppers
+44"Client loved the work, but we have some follow...George_Banker
+47a) illegal immigrants b) black people enamored with...Layne Staley
+44Right. We've all been in that scenario. Associates can't...Esuric
+44Thought I ended a HireVue question but it actually...Conor McGregor Fan Club
+44At the bank I interned at, ankle hair was expected to be...QuestionsNeedAnswers
+44"We are a very entrepreneurial group here" = we are...CaughtShort
+44I am so glad I don’t work for youMMBanker14
+45MD to Company: "There is robust demand for this bond...George_Banker
+44Sorry, but I do grow tired of these continuous rants no...The Real Donnie Azoff
+44god you sound lamemomnpopshop
+441660's: Dutch West India for s&tIntern in S&T - Other
+46Listen here pipsqueak, you're already behind the 8-ball,...BillMurray
+44Congratulations for overcoming adversity but let's drop...qbison
+43I gave +1s both to the original post and Dingdong's...APAE
+43Just stop smoking weedC.R.E. Shervin
+44Her GPA and non-target school was necessary in this...BillBelichick37
+43Expectations vs. reality: Expectation: Clubbing all...deathTouch
+43Sounds like Michael Scott and Jan...shmalo72
+43Ok this is a story I heard from one of the analysts I...Martian311
+43lmao pulled out my mugshot on my phone during a superday...yessir1
+43Can I invite you to my apartment for cookies and...Kevin Spacey
+44Dude great idea suggest "laser tag" on a Friday after a...BananaCrazy3620
+43no you can't askfamejranc
+43Not sure I agree that it’s 60% luck 40% skill. It...traderlife
+43Working as a janitor at M.I.T.JAB123
+43Pull up in a rented Rolls with a hired "companion" on...iggs99988
+43HUNDREDS of Instagram followersBanking Sucks Guys
+44Definitely" Dude acts like he...CRE
+48Great question! I know how important these coffee chats...Flex_Seal
+42need real stories Last time I'm going to talk about...UFOinsider
+42I am shocked, SHOCKED, she is working in investor...BobTheBaker
+42I started in banking ~10 years ago and went a more or...CompBanker
+43Don't worry you'll do just fine in the finance industry....Guest1655
+43A guy on my internship got kicked off for admitting to...Just The Tip
+44how does it feel like when you have to tell a kid his...breeshbroosh
+42Affirmative action for banks does seem to be the...CREation
+42Would I like to have the same opportunity? Of course. Do...99_Steam
+42Yeah, sometimes shit happens and I’m going to be...Isaiah_53_5
+42...ask me a question, then interrupt me as soon as they...Layne Staley
+42Dude, Where's my Analyst?JohnnyLlamma45
+42I feel like a lot of you high-earning W-2 guys are...GoldenCinderblock
+43Why not just go one more level of rounding and take that...Abelstheorem
+42Couple years ago, I was interviewing for a summer...000killa
+43just do it pussyGoldenCinderblock
+43NoBanking Sucks Guys
+42You: knock knock Interviewer: Who’s there? You:...PotentialAnalyst
+42Do it! Hopefully the bank from which you have an offer...LeveragedBlackouts
+42You should probably take a hiatus from worrying about...Elite_Bulge
+50why the fuck do you care. Laugh in their faces, and...Pierre Ortiz
+43Hey man. Thanks for sharing your story. I'm sorry...Anon1254
+42type in goldman securities analyst on linkedin and look...VancouverHusky
+42I wish I had enough to money to travel for 18 months too. YungMonc
+41unleavened returns ! :...dmw86
+42Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. ReturningSomeVideotapes
+42Nice try Bernie, take your socialism elsewhereTippyTop11
+41At lunch, in between rounds 2 and 3 of an interview for...Layne Staley
+43It's not the most graceful argument, but it is an...CRE
+42NerdB A N K E R B O Y S
+41Condoms - $0 because I don't use them A six pack of...Lloyd BIankfein
+41I think the key is being able to defend your point of...brotherbear
+41I know there are a lot of heavy drinkers on this...DickFuld
+41To the sophomores recruiting right now, I wish you all...RGee
+41He said she's rich tho. Full speed ahead homie slippy777
+41People in high finance have the personalities of...iggs99988
+41There are obviously multiple paths your career can take....brotherbear
+41No you fucking idiot. REPE God
+45No, I'm pretty serious. Barring something like meth or...The Warthog
+41It sucks, getting fired, no matter how you slice...InfoDominatrix
+41I'm going to be 100% real with you right now. Trust me...JuicyJuice
+41are you still majoring in accounting?I'm actually a squirrel
+42If you're 40 and haven't found greater pleasures/meaning...LReed
+42Toad - Received at least $413 million from Toad Sr but...I'm actually a squirrel
+41Normal people like to do things outside of workMike Tyson
+44I mean, yeah. Most of the kids that are aware about...princepieman
+43OP should apply to work for the SEC since they are also...m_1
+41Okay definitely go do that banking + PE stint first cos...Angus Macgyver
+41Totally agree, thanks for posting this. Btw, do you...GoldmanGekko
+41I see this as an absolute winDDqjwopp
+42 I wanted money. I wanted respect. I wanted to be a...SonnyCrockett
+40You don't get into commercial real estate to be an...CRE
+40cool story brojec
+41It's pretty simple for me. I trust scientists with my...coreytrevor
+41Technically not an internship story because I never got...Sil
+40How do you think this looks from his perspective? I'm...FinanceBrah
+40Fuck that, deny till you die palKassad
+40I will always remember one of the first times I had a...Don Johnson
+40For reference, I am 5'9, about 145 lbs. Assuming...CRE
+40No, I'm pretty serious. Barring something like meth...Dedline
+41No you aren't screwed. This site is filled with complete...thissiteiscancer
+40Insecure af. Personally, I'd be scared of living with...iBankedUp
+40I tried for many years to get into IB. Had many...Fugue
+40This is probably why you got kicked out of the flagship fundFinancelsWacc
+46And just like that, a website full of staunch...Alt-Ctr-Left
+40How can I short myself?Leon Dragonov
+40Non-certified user base of the WSOb43b6b7b82b87
+39It could be worse. I've seen "Incoming IBD summer...LiamNeeson
+39Do you guys think the income inequality is playing a big...TimWSO
+39Spot on. Don't forget that guy from high school that...LReed
+40Smoke show of an intern we had, who was batshit crazy...da chief
+40Of course it was a terrible mistake from the intern, but...jordan25
+39I saw an intern at a BB checking in on his first day,...brosephstalin
+41This is the equivalent of taking investment advice on...Teller
+39Reading the NYTimes. Your first mistake. People...TNA
+39Sounds like he wanted you to rail his daughter and post...IB Analist
+40Do you just walk around looking at the elderly and...timetogetserious
+39Fetus with no finance experience, with non-target parents.Yankee Doodle
+39alright smalls, sit down and shut up, I'm gonna learn...thebrofessor
+39This forum is really helpful for certain things, but...JSmithRE2010
+39Yeah that guy's an idiot. Who says you can't both have a...NuclearPenguins
+41I take a bit of issue with this. I understand where you...Fugue
+40 PsYcHoLoGy
+395 . **The List Makers**I'm actually a squirrel
+39Deo et Patriae
+39No. You are underestimating the level of talent that...NonTargetNetwork
+39I was wondering if I am being too negative or if it...John Pierpont
+39I'm genuinely curious, wondering what other career...iBankedUp
+39A buddy of mine got 2 offers - he accepted both and...bingy
+40Beyonce is the single most overrated musician/performer...ValueCat
+39One person I'm familiar with went to a complete...Kawhi Anthony Leonard
+47I'm a Republican who has been following politics for...FCFE
+38This is pretty common. I went through the same...CompBanker
+40I'm a first year analyst in corporate banking. I'm not...IBBD
+39I was let go from my first job late last year (mostly...M- Weintraub
+39Probably Lehman because they got kicked off campusmodestlocke9
+38Others might disagree but regarding fit questions for...Lizard Brain
+39Cleveland? Was Detroit fully booked or something?DickFuld
+39Yes, super serious. I was thinking about applying to...BatemanBatemanBateman
+38Here is my story: right before graduation, I overheard...anonymoushedgefund123
+38What the f kind of question is this? If you are...theofficeguy
+42I was always wondering how a man could be that stupid to...Layne Staley
+38An intern put 2 sugars in my coffee, almost had to give...BatemanBatemanBateman
+38Let's define this further. By "Wall Street" drink I'm...C.R.E. Shervin
+39I can't think of anything that I personally did, but I...Sil
+38I like to spend my bonus on a diversified basket of...Layne Staley
+38Tech is 100X worse. It is? Yes. I work at...Dances With Newfoundland
+39It's more because of supply and demand, than difficult...WSO_123
+39If I ever get fired it's because I wouldn't stop taking...FratLord
+38Susquehanna? a BB? watprincepieman
+38This is exactly why I used to bring certified IQ test...Arthur Digby Sellers
+38My intern practices LIFO pretty religiously. poasb40
+38Notice... you said 10 AM to 2 AM. That's 18 hours. So...ACP7
+39I have to be honest and say you are one of the most...Wolfofgeorgestreet
+38**Do not trust anyone who refuses to admit that part of...lapike
+38I had a "non-traditional" upbringing relative to most...Sam ''Ace'' Rothstein
+38"We have a very entrepreneurial culture" = You...CRE
+38Your understanding of IB resembles that of a college...Bullet-Tooth Tony
+41get your mum to bang him. Blackmail him by threatening...ZIRP
+38Dear Sir: I have been requested by the Nigerian...I'm actually a squirrel
+41In the US you will meet the smartest and the dumbest....Gilgamesh95
+39You could've just sent me a rejection letter instead of...John Pierpont
+37I came here because the thread appeared on the side bar...Cookies With Milken
+37If you even mention EBITDA, you may get the stink eye....cpgame
+37You seem pretty easytengleha
+37Or one of those really inefficient ones. *watches...Frank Quattrone
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+37Heard they're adding a DJ performance evaluation stage....Aphrares
+37Me: "How are you doing today?" Interviewer: "Good, how...AFJ9
+37Probably the best marriage ever, lmaos.ratnasw
+39Nah, just worry about getting laid.sonibubu
+38It's honestly shocking when I hear analysts say this....Quaneaser
+37This is nuts. Your bonus is supposed to be paid based on...KingColonize
+37Couple points I want to address here as someone who is...FutureCEO3
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+37Get a good, comfortable set of knee pads. Big4please
+36I came by this thread wanting to add my two cents, but...CaptK
+40Cool story broRupert Pupkin
+36VP here at a BB, promoted from analyst to associate to...Vol Inversion
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+36Jesus Christ, I got an aneurysm reading this TheNotoriousFIG
+37The titles some people use make me want to run into a...Thomas Pynchon
+36What happened in Venezuela is the truest form of...Dances with Dachshunds
+37Ran for president, but this bitch Crooked Hillary kept...Bronald Trump
+36always using hyphens - because it's coolPtoCFisUnderrated
+42You are worried about your friends thinking that you...George_Banker
+37I think your model has a formula error in cell D6 and...Lester Freamon
+36This is full-proof. *fool-proofCashClown
+36don't worry bud you're not forced to do anything. ...Howard Hughes
+36I am not at a megafund. Here is my perspective on how it...APAE
+36**Non-Target Kid:** You can find him on Linkedin or on...PPT_XLSX_TINDER
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+36Can always count on a Michigan kid, in any social...PteroGonzalez
+36Your title had typo: "Investment Banking Is Broken"...heyitsg
+36imagine planning your whole life trying to get over on...Skyywalker
+36Statistically, you're likely to be dating coworkers. ...PeRmAnEnTiNtErN
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+36Female banker detectedbuysidebandit
+35 Thanks. It hurts to say but most of it is for random...hawketrackler
+35I'm not trying to be mean here, I'm just being seriously...DeepValue
+35You work at UBS?LeveragedTiger
+351. Sharpen our pencils. 2. We need to give them a...Sil
+35Asians are smart, so for certain jobs it could be a...techjobsyankee
+36There was an entire thread with like 150+ comments about...DeepLearning
+35Not sure if this counts but here goes. When I was an...DeepLearning
+36Why's this a dumb answer? They should have bumped you to...Intern4ever
+35A small unassuming sack. Big4please
+35EVERYONE: Submit application > resume screen i.e. GPA...PtoCFisUnderrated
+37Accidentally drop your business cards (though from your...etx
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