All Citi Summer Analysts 2020 receive full time offer

All Citi Summer analysts to receive full time offer upon completion of internship program. Across all business groups in NY, London, Tokyo, Singapore and HK
Duration shortened but full 10 weeks salary to be paid.


This is uncomfirmed as of now....but very possible to be true stay tuned...


I asked the HR regarding "minimum requirements of the abbreviated program," and she has informed me that it means "graduate successfully as planned and within the timeframe required as per Citi requirements or satisfactory performance during your internship this summer." My question here now is: then does mean that a return for full time is just the same as it was in previous years (based on performance)? I am not understanding this minimum requirement thing.


I am an incoming IB SA and they said that we will "receive a full-time offer" as long as "minimum requirements of the abbreviated program" is met.

They also mentioned that they will push the internship back to July 6 while giving out 10 weeks' pay.

They are "carefully considering" a remote program as well and will be giving out future updates in the next week or so.

This also only applies to interns in the New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo programs.

SF, Houston, and Chicago are eligible for full time offers from what I read on this post but not sure


Hi, do you happen to know if this applies to the whole division? Meaning all divisions under the Markets and Securities Services?


CONFIRMED, wow! I said this yesterday already on the Moelis thread, but shame on all those butt-hurt analysts fear mongering the interns and telling them to start getting their grad school applications ready and the such....this is a BIG move coming from a BB especially from one that is not necessarily one of a small class size. Just yesterday we were debating if even another EB would follow along!



"And last thing: out of all the dumb shit people are making up about what is going to happen, the dumbest is "automatic return offer." If you think banks need you that badly, you better check urself. Just because y'all want that to happen really badly, it doesn't mean it's even an option. No idea who was the delusional junior who made that up, but I would erase that option of ur mind ASAP, cuz it ain't happening. Could bet my now non-existent bonus on it." - Goldmonkey Sachs

So can I PM you my Venmo Goldmonkey Sachs


Is this only for the locations mentioned above or applies to other locations such as Houston, Toronto, Calgary etc. as well?


I think CB and IB is about 50% ft offer rate considering teams are smaller in Toronto ! just grind it out , but I’m sure impressing in a shortened period could maybe give everyone an offer. or the deal flow is so weak that no one gets it , I have no idea


Probably not the GS/JPM/MS cuz they have much larger classes but you never know. Sounds like interns at the regional offices of these banks are probably fucked by the sounds of the comment above who didn't get guaranteed return in Toronto


If GS/JPM/MS/BofA dont extend full time offers as well it will reflect very poorly on their culture. Would be shocked if all BB's don't follow suit


Congrats everyone! These are unprecedented times, I hope other banks follow suit. People have more to worry about that if they'll still be able to get an offer with everything being virtual.