People make fun of me in IB

I got an MBA associate role at an elite boutique. I body build on my free time so my meals are around six times per day. I tend to eat cans of salmon and tuna every day because they are high in protein, I make sure mercury isn't too high don't worry. 

One of my MDs saw me doing it and started calling me cat boy. So now everyone in my office calls me the Cat who eats cat food. Even the analysts will call me this. Idk might lateral out of here even though I could crush my Mds skull with my hands. 

Anyone else get this type of shit culture? or is this just me? 


Next time your MD calls you cat boy, reply with, "I'm eating all this canned fish so it makes it easier to go down on your wife later". Run around the office hi-fiving everyone. GGWP


People who are disciplined and pursue their goals make others feel worse about themselves, so they'll try and find ways to belittle you. They'll get over it soon enough.


You're getting a lot of shit replies here. And while mine will also sound the same, I am dead serious on this: 

Is this your first time working around men? I don't meant that to challenge you, I mean that as a serious question. 

Anyone who has been around "the guys" knows the #1 rule - you only fuck around and mess with the guys you love. You should be worried when they don't mess around with you, that means they don't like you. Yes, I know that sounds backwards, but that's just how being around men is. Seriously, lighten up; these are all good things, you just have to stop being a pussy, cat boy!

Here, just to show you I'm not being a jackass, I'll even help you out. The next time your MD calls you cat boy, show him the guns and say "strong like bull" and wink at him. Play back at them, show them some "love" back, they'll probably just laugh at you & be in a good mood - that's a positive thing. 


C’mon man, take a joke. It most likely means they are using it as a social mechanism to get closer or are becoming more fond of you. Plus it’s funny 😂


You have to realize that someone eating a can of salmon in the pen is hilarious.  They're fucking w/ you because it's funny - it's not malicious.  You've gotta throw some barbs back at the junior guys or it will become weird that you're not joking back.  Are they betas who don't understand the necessity of pounding canned fish because they lack the discipline to commit to physical excellence? Don't get your feelings hurt like a lady over this, cat boy.

I come from down in the valley, where mister when you're young, they bring you up to do like your daddy done

This is hilarious, litte unoriginal, I would have gone with "Whiskers."

Anyone, in any office, would poke fun at this. 

You gotta be able to laugh at yourself, especially when you're doing something that's not traditional.

I wouldn't take it too seriously, maybe ramp it up and eat weirder stuff. 

Do you think you'll get out of IB after a few weeks of not being able to get to the gym? 

Five Star Man

This is hilarious, litte unoriginal, I would have gone with "Whiskers."

Personally would have gone with "MeowMeow" but the judges have indicated that they'll accept "Whiskers" as an acceptable response.

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Bro time to ditch the can and go for fresh organic food. Let’s upgrade from cat boy to jiro.


Bro if this is serious you could never hack it on a trade floor lmao….but good advice in this thread -  the guys clearly like you and the dude who said  embrace it and start eating weirder shit, that’s just gold. Start a betting pool about which scrawny analysts you could bench, they will eat that up like a can of salmon (gross tbh). In no time you will be benching analysts and fortunes will be made and lost on the floor. Cheers