I just discovered the most useful free app yet for my HP Touchpad this weekend and thought you guys might like to see it as well. It's called Zite, and it's a mobile magazine. It's only available for iOS and Touchpad devices at the moment, but an Android app can't be far behind. What sets it apart from all the other mobile magazine formats out there? It is fully tailored to your individual interests.

Zite analyzes your Twitter feed and/or your Facebook timeline and figures out what you're into, and then compiles a mobile magazine for you based on those interests. It is remarkably accurate, and it gets better the more you use it. It suggest articles for you to read, and you let it know whether you liked the article or not. It works a lot like StumbleUpon, but the presentation is a thousand times better.

For example, when I open the app it goes to my Top Stories. At the moment there's a story about the Golden Globes, the fact that Zappos got hacked, the AP opened a full news bureau in North Korea, a piece from the Daily Beast about Rick Perry and his disdain for the military, and a story about a Georgia politician who favors drug testing for welfare recipients who was himself the recipient of a DUI over the weekend. So pretty varied stuff, and all things I'm interested in.

But it goes even further. I have sections for Business & Investing, Humor, Personal Finance, Politics, Economics, Finance, and Wall Street, and each one of the sections has a half dozen or so relevant stories in it. You can also add sections you're interested in which it may not have figured out for you.

I'm frankly surprised that the app is available on WebOS before Android, but I guess it has always been available for Apple users. So if you've got an iPhone or an iPad, I definitely recommend installing it.

In other related Touchpad news (for those of us who jumped on the stupid-cheap 32gb Touchpads when HP discontinued them), there is now - or very soon will be - a stable build of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Touchpad. I guess they're working out a few of the last minute kinks (camera inop, video not 100%), but here's a demo of the HP Touchpad running Android 4.0 seamlessly:

So check out Zite if it's available for your mobile device. You'll be glad you did. Who knows? You might even find your old Uncle Eddie on your Top Stories page.

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Definitely +1 on this. My favourite app for browsing news. If you've heard of Flipboard, this is better. I probably use this for business news more than Boomberg, FT and Reuters combined as it gives articles from all 3 as well as from more varied sources. The more information you give it (Twitter, thumbs up/down etc) the better it becomes.


+1, just installed it....really useful app.

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