Interview Question: What first got you interested in investing and the markets?

This is a hard sell, but this industry more than any other champions transparency and authenticity, so hear me out.

I couldn't stand being poor.. the fun of this game is winning, and how else would we keep score? Wealth doesn't need to be an outward expression, though dressing like Adam Sandler is only cool if you have the means not to.

For the non-aesthetes, you admire concise and simple language when it comes from the mouth of someone who could as easily bore you with verbose bull shit. Simple language from a simpleton is unbearable.

Unfortunately, to make money in this game, you need skills, the more you train, the more specialized, the better the product you bring to the table etc.. however, this is all very time consuming, and I wanted to win and win fast. So instead of spending countless hours mining or woodcutting or fishing or training a handful of other useful skills. I traveled to Varrok and worked around the clock at the grand exchange, bidding low for goods other people acquired using their skills, and reselling them for a spread. I'd login to the Israeli world and buy shellfish for only a few GP and revert to a US server and sell at a premium. I then graduated to orchestrating like minded players to buy the same item, pushing up the price of say, teak logs, and then I'd dump my holdings long before the clan ever realized.. ignoring all of the angry in game dms that followed. Yes the mods were up my ass and I had to ask them to unlock my account numerous times. They seemed swayed by empty promises and the fact I was paying for a monthly membership on 20 different accounts. After numerous forays, I was eventually banned from all group chats and could only manage my personal net worth.

That's when I was 15 and couldn't tell you what a market maker was. Thanks to RS, I've pursued finance and I'm super passionate about ensuring the piping of our market economy functions efficiently and in a way that's advantageous for all participants.

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Jan 27, 2022 - 9:25am

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