Thoughts on UK Asset Managers

Hey everyone. Was wondering what peoples thoughts are on UK Asset managers like Aviva Investors, M&G, Schroders etc.

Spefifically interested hearing people’s thoughts on Aviva investors and the large AM firms here. How is working at one of these firms perceived in the industry? Can one exit to to a larger firm down the line and how is the experience here viewed as in the industry?


Bump, interested as well. Any colour on total comp out of undergrad and progression at those 3 names?


I’ve heard comp is around 40k with 30-40% bonus out of undergrad wouldn’t be able to tell you about comp progression though, if someone working at one of these firms could chime in would be helpful


Are they at least a decent spot to build up experience and could you move to a big more reputable AM firm from here?

Would you also say they’re better than some of the BB’s asset management divisions?

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As other person said, Schroders definitely seems to be perceived better. And tbh it's one of the only places you can do equities at a UK AM out of undergrad.

Aviva, LGIM, M&G, Phoenix are all just insurance tack-ons which do manage some third party capital but most of their capital is internal. That will definitely play into things. Performance also not stellar. Same for abrdn (complete shitshow).

That said, for stuff like real estate and infra, some of these guys are going to get pretty big due to new legislation. 

And agreed with above, pay is on average probably worse. Definitely significantly worse out of UG. 


I currently work at one of the aforementioned firms. Do you think it may be possible to switch to another firm after I build up some experience here?

I went to non-target for undergrad so I eventually want to work for a blackrock, Fidelity, Pimco etc.


Redington is pretty good I think, I’ve seen a few people head to IB at BB’s after a few years in an investment consulting position so I think it provides pretty decent exit ops.


Disregard some of the takes in this thread OP, as they are clueless/outdated.

In addition to the comments re Schroders being decent, M&G has gone through significant restructuring in recent years. Their equities business was downsized and in what’s left there are a number of funds (though not all) which are best in class in their strategy in terms of performance and have high AuM per IP. 3rd party inflows have been pretty decent (esp. vs the rest if the industry) and good performance has also been recognised in recent industry awards.

Being in a scaled-up, top performing fund is much more important than the firm’s name. So you can’t generalise these places and you have to make your own conclusions during the interview process.


Thank you for your response! I really appreciate it. What’s your opinion on Aviva Investors, I’ve asked a few people that work there and although they’ve had a huge drop in AUM and profit, they’ve completed the cost cutting last year and the focus is now growth.

I know for real assets they’re pretty strong but what’s your outlook on their fixed income/ equities side of the business.


Would agree with the above. If you are junior/entry-level research analyst, focus on joining a large household name with scaled resources and training. If you join a large firm that is great in that product area that is a bonus. As you become more senior it is important to think about fit and alignment with the PM's investment style, gaining trust of the PM/team, and building your own brand internally rather than what is "prestigious".. which is what this forum seems to prioritize over everything (IB wannabees and college kids).


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