What's fair comp to ask for with 5-6yrs of buy-side experience in NYC?

Recruiting for an analyst role in NYC at a large LO ($300+bl). I'm trying to figure out what a fair number would be here, I have 5-6yrs of buy-side experience at a top LO. Is $350-400k fair?


Honestly shocked at WSO hivemind... There are threads on this, and you are literally claiming to be in a comparable seat to the one you are recruiting for. Not crazy you should have a ballpark in mind. Lol at the person who says I am underpaid :)


What a moronic comment, why even bother responding? OP forgot this clown, he's trying to troll because he's a an underpaid loser 

I think $350k is reasonable with a CFA to ask for with 5yrs of experience at a good LO


Well, how good are you? And how easy is it to find someone else who can do it? I could probably get a good analyst in most products for like 250k. But it depends what you need. If the shop wants a fancy background for their pedigree and actual skill as an analyst is a second priority, I can see that going for a little more. If you're really the shit at selection, maybe you could make 2 or 3 times that. But I kinda expect that comes as incentive pay or after proving yourself at the firm. I think when you cross about 500k, it starts to transition into more of a negotiated market.


250k seems incredibly low, even at T2 or T3 AM's the min I've seen is 300k. It's only when you go further down the spectrum into the no-name firms with few assets that you see 250k from my experience. Just for context, the firm wants actual skills but also the pedigree to go with it....so hopefully that justifies the comp a bit more

As for how good am I -- within my industries I'm very good. Not just saying that because if I wasn't, I'd just leave this industry and exit into tech / strategy. But that's also hard to prove with my YOE given in workplace I've only started real selection of stocks in past 1yr or so (rest has been PA). I'm very confident on my stock-picking ability so not worried about being able to justify my comp per se


To clarify, I'm just giving you market color. What I'm saying is, in this market, there are many analysts who I think are pretty good, and would work for 250k. It would depend on what the job is like, what kind of upside there might be, how it will impact resume/career overall, and what the candidates personal situation is. I'm not saying you should aim for 250k, or that you can't get more than 250k. Merely that the spot can be filled by someone who can do the job, and would accept 250k, and that's something to think about in the negotiation.  Some reasons to pay more would include employee retention, performance motivation, specific skills/experience, short timeframe to hire, etc. In other words, it's likely if you overplay your hand they would consider other candidates.

So taking into account the specifics of the situation, like how specialized you are vs other candidates, I'd be careful not to overplay my hand, and also evaluate whether a higher ratio of incentive vs base pay could help you get more total comp, although that may not be negotiable at this level. Personally, I'd also consider long term opportunities at the firm or exit opportunities, as a little up or down from these levels might seem small later on if you are successful.


Depends on specific firm - I’d try to get a feel for how that specific firm comps and aim for just above their typical package with leverage of other offers. Big difference between what some 300B players and 1-2T+ players pay based on offers I’ve seen at that level. The range you propose could be too conservative or too aggressive with the range of firms you have referenced


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