Best MBB for Media/Tech focus

Hi all, have recently been looking to potentially make a jump to consulting after ~1 year working in banking. I'm currently in a BB TMT coverage group (mid-tier but strong in TMT) where I primarily focus on technology with a bit of exposure to media and very little telecom.

Through work and personal interest (reading books and blogs/listening to podcasts) I've really found myself interested in the media/entertainment space (Think companies like Disney, Netflix, Viacom-CBS, etc.) as well as gaming (Activision-Blizzard, Epic/Unity). I'm definitely biased in that I've primarily been exposed to the growthier/sexier sides of the business such as streaming/OTT media and gaming so might have rose-tinted glasses with regards to the space, but generally feel like I am interested in the industry as a whole.

Rather than jumping headlong into corporate I am hoping that a transition to an MBB role would help me build more of an operational skill set, develop a better understanding behind the industry dynamics, and help me get exposure to some of the companies I'm interested in so that I can get a feel for what I want to do long term.

I understand that there aren't an abundance of FT lateral roles at the junior level, and that before you can decide between offers you need to actually get them. However, I'd really appreciate any insight people could provide on whether any of the firms are differentiated in media/tech. Additionally, while I understand that you're generally staffed across offices as need arises, I'd also be interested in hearing about the firms' LA offices (where I imagine the bulk of relevant partners sit) given that BCG/Bain tend to staff more locally vs McKinsey.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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For TMT , I would say that BCG is the strongest of the three - especially in the LA area. Bain is the strongest in pure technology but those projects mostly originate from the SF/SV office.


I'd say all SF/Bay Area offices tend to do good work on tech, although Bain might skew more in that direction. Also heard good things about BCG LA in addition to the fact that they operate with the Bay Area (which increases exposure to tech).


You could try lateralling to Raine if you want a media and entertainment focused bank


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