Deloitte Consulting or Strategy& Summer Consulting Internship?

I've been lucky enough to land two consulting internships (after junior year of college) - one from Deloitte, and another from Strategy& (PwC). I'm wondering which one I should take. Here's what I'm thinking so far, where a "*" indicates that these are the most important factors I'm taking into consideration:

Just to emphasize, name-brand is really important to me, as is the possibility of transitioning into MBB for the following summer -

Deloitte (currently leaning towards this choice):

  • *please correct me if I'm wrong, but the name brand here is better I think (at least according to Vault); this criteria is definitely the most important to me right now
  • location is in LA (I'm fine with this, but would only slightly prefer NY)
  • pay is slightly lower
  • will be doing general consulting (as opposed to consulting private equity clients, which is the case at Strategy&)


  • *name brand is not as strong as Deloitte
  • location is in NY (slightly more preferred)
  • pay is slightly higher
  • aligned to Private Equity and Value Creative vertical (PEVC) so I will have both consulting and PE experience, although I'm not sure if this will realistically give me a leg up down the road for PE opportunities

Other relevant questions:

  • is one of these easier to make the transfer to private equity from?
  • which one is easier to make the jump to MBB (i.e. for full-time, or for summer after senior year, since I may end up doing a master's)?
  • what's the difference between Monitor Deloitte and Deloitte LLP?
  • which has better business school sponsorships?
  • which has better pay for full-time?

Thanks to everyone in advance! 

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IFSC, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Congrats on the offers!

Can only answer a few parts. Monitor Deloitte is the pure strategy element of Deloitte consulting. They don't offer the same range of services as the main consulting arm of the company but if you're looking for a purely strategy focused role Monitor is your best bet.

Anecdotally I've heard business school sponsorships can be competitive in Deloitte but they give out a decent number, haven't heard anything about Strategy& though.

Full time pay slightly better in Deloitte, in the main office locations at least!

I think Deloitte's brand in the US has taken a hit recently but overall it's a great place to start your career! Definitely won't hurt your MBB chances.

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  • Intern in Consulting

I'm also a junior who got both of these places so I can maybe give some perspective (didn't end up signing with either tho). Within my school, it seems like S& is much better regarded. Of my friends/ppl in my consulting club, no one chose Deloitte over S&. The pay at S& is better overall, and tbh considering that your offer is in NYC, I would recommend you take that. Regarding Monitor, it doesn't really exist within the US anymore, Deloitte absorbed it and it has therefore had huge brand dilution.

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is consulting recruitment over? 

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  • Associate Consultant in Consulting

*name brand is not as strong as Deloitte

I don't work for any; but what??? That is the first time I have heard this statement.

Vault is a pile of shit and they have different ratings for different things that maybe make sense in their head but mean nothing in the industry.

My impressions may be Europe centric, but here S&>>>Deloitte. Although the opposite could have been marginally true in 2014 following the Booz rebranding; S& has grown massively in exposure and prestige since then and has been attracting partners and principals from MBBs (at least in Europe). Deloitte has experienced the opposite trend in the last year.

Pay is better at S&. this holds true against most firm. S& is known for being one of the most generous in compensation (not so much in Europe) 

NYC is generally a better office than LA.

I know no one that chose D over S&

Regardless, they can both give you great opportunities. Congrats

  • Intern in Consulting

Recently accepted an internship offer from S& and can confirm that what you said applies to other geographies (LATAM, in my case).

Partner that hired me used to be an AP at an MBB, comp way above average, higher than some MBBs, lower than others (AFAIK).

Lots of effort is being put into keeping S&'s brand separate from PwC advisory's. The fact that it is a top or "elite" group within PwC is mentioned as a selling point for talent. They've been growing real fast in the region, and are constantly trying to get into MBB territory.

Of course I doubt we'll be talking about MBBS anytime soon, and I'm also biased because I got along pretty well with the interviewers and I'm still in my honeymoon phase.

As for recognition around the world: I don't know if it's me, but I think that online perception (albeit from a very small sample: WSO and Reddit) around who is next in line to MBB has changed in the recent years. Deloitte S&O/Monitor was always considered number 4 before, but I think I've seen people consider other firms as contenders for the spot, S& between them.

If you got an offer from D Monitor, then go with fit/location you prefer. If you got "regular" Deloitte, then I would definitely go with S&. You are bound to get more work that's similar to MBB there.

  • Prospect in IB-M&A

 for recognition around the world: I don't know if it's me, but I think that online perception (albeit from a very small sample: WSO and Reddit) around who is next in line to MBB has changed in the recent years. Deloitte S&O/Monitor was always considered number 4 before, but I think I've seen people consider other firms as contenders for the spot, S& between them.

This is true, though general online consensus leans towards OW being the top of that pack rather than S&/LEK/EY-P. (Though I am not familiar with LatAm at all, this is more US/European perspective). 

What is clear is that Deloitte's reorg means it's not nearly as well regarded as it was just a few years ago. 

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A5s, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Deloitte is amazing at OCR. Not sure how they do it but so many college students see them as #4.

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Stonedawgrunaway, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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