Does MBB ever poach sponsored consultants by paying out MBA tuition costs?

Let's say you're attending an elite MBA program, with around $150k of tuition costs sponsored by a tier 2 consulting firm (think Deloitte, OY, S&, ATK). Would MBB consider offering a loaded sign-on bonus (covering 50%+ of tuition) to entice such a candidate? Curious to hear if this is a regular occurrence.

We extend sponsorships because our rockstars are a known quantity within our firm. Just because Deloitte sponsors someone doesn't mean that they will succeed at MBB. That is an apples to oranges comparison. As a caveat, I am speaking from experience in US so not sure about elsewhere but as a campus lead for the past few years, I've never this happen before.

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Fair enough, I guess it's not the case in the US. I know for certain that it was standard in some international offices in the past, but trying to re-confirm. But to your argument, it's more like comparing grade AA oranges to grade A oranges to unknown oranges. Yes, rockstars within the firm command an even higher price (full sponsorship). I'm not talking about full sponsorship, but a partial one. Controlling for other factors, a superstar for another consulting firm who passes the MBB interview process is a more known entity than a non-consultant MBA who also passes the interview process. They are not equal. And if you want to hire the more known entity, alleviating some of their opportunity cost (150k in sponsorship) can go a long way.

P.S. By "poaching" I didn't mean skipping interviews or fast-tracking. Modified title to avoid misunderstanding.

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