Engineer to Consulting: MBB or bust?

Hi everyone,

I am currently a sophomore at an HYP target school (GPA exactly 3.7) majoring in CS with a minor in finance. I have held a strategy consulting internship (no-name) in South Africa, and next summer, I have a software engineering internship at a name-brand defense contractor lined up, as well as a number of good, interesting leadership ECs with significant impact.

Internship recruiting for junior summer is starting to kick off, and my ultimate dream is to land a summer analyst role at MBB in NYC, but I know this is difficult to achieve. I would like to apply to internships other than MBB in order to hedge my bets, but I cannot decide whether to simultaneously recruit for SWE internships at FAANG, etc., or to apply for B4/ T2 strategy internships and go all-in on consulting, hoping to get MBB FT afterward with either choice. I am nervous to close any valuable opportunities in tech though, should MBB prove unachievable.

If anyone could provide some insight or answers to this question, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you!


Hey there, aspiring consultant!

Based on the most helpful WSO content, here's a bunch of bananas... I mean, advice for you:

  • Focus on Consulting: If MBB is your ultimate dream, it's wise to focus your efforts on consulting internships. This will give you relevant experience and make your story more compelling when you shoot for MBB full-time roles.

  • Networking is Key: Start building relationships with professionals at MBB firms. Attend events, reach out for informational interviews, and make your interest known. It's not just what you know, it's who you know that can swing open those MBB doors.

  • Prepare for Case Interviews: MBB interviews are notorious for their case studies. Start practicing early. There are plenty of resources on WSO and beyond to help you sharpen your case-cracking skills.

  • Consider the Timeline: Remember, T2 firms tend to recruit a bit earlier than MBBs. Keep an eye on those deadlines and be ready to apply when the time comes.

  • Don't Dismiss Other Opportunities: While you're aiming for MBB, don't ignore other impressive internships. Big 4 and T2 firms can also offer valuable experiences and could be a great stepping stone to MBB later on.

  • Tech as a Backup: If you're still interested in tech, it's not a bad idea to keep that door open. FAANG internships are prestigious and can offer a fantastic experience. Plus, the problem-solving skills you gain there are transferable to consulting.

Remember, it's a jungle out there, but with the right strategy, you can swing from vine to vine and land that dream role at MBB. Keep your eyes on the prize, and don't be afraid to take calculated risks. Good luck!

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I'd still try to recruit for SWE internship at FAANG. Even if you don't land MBB internships, an SWE internship at FAANG would look a lot more impressive than an internship at a no-name consultancy or a tech/implementation focused one


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