Lifestyle not suiting me. Developed severe panic attacks in consulting

So I was in strategy consulting at a big 4 last year and I developed severe panic attacks. I couldn’t handle living in a big city, couldn’t handle networking and my chest pains after heavy meals at the office. I have realised that a life with heavy exercise is the one that suits me the best. I had a comprehensive body check up 6 months ago and docs put me on paxil. I was about to start at a RE PE firm in a few days but I got a severe panic attack and I went to the ER with a shooting heart rate. Idk what to do anymore. Even the slightest bit of bad food gives me immense anxiety and heart burn. No meds are working. Anyone else in the same boat?

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I'm going to share an unpopular opinion. It's important to know the physical and mental limitations at an individual level. I had this thought back in first year university that I'd take on the traditional IB route. That in my third year, after taking part in a few stock pitches or building my technical skills, I'd break into a small boutique firm in a cool space and proceed with that for a few years before exiting to PE. Then, in my second year, I saw the affects of the long hours on my peers who worked 12+ hours a day in sweatshops. A friend came to me and said that after having gone through his IB internship, he planned to return for his next summer and he's being speaking to PE shops on the side. He was deadset on returning to that lifestyle and work despite looking (and probably feeling like) he hadn't slept in days. It was something I noticed about myslef. Just kind of saying "oh, yah, I wouldn't like that now or ever. Not even for a week." So I decided to switch preparation to something else. 

The moral of the story is that if the professional services space is pushing you into a bad physical and mental space, then consider moving to an industry with better hours, exit into a back-office corporate S&O team, or considering Academia lecturing route where you can limit the volume of hours and the stress of hours. 


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