office change request internship to ft mbb/big4


i interned in a city over the summer and i received a return offer for the firm that i interned at in the same city. i want to be in new york though for fulltime, i requested to transfer offices but was denied. is this the norm now? i thought it was fairly easy but I've heard other stories of it failing too.

any advice on what i should do? i want to be in new york still for fulltime. 


Are you in a consulting firm or a bank? Based on the verbiage here I suspect you’re at a consulting firm 

in this market I’d say take the offer and transfer to nyc in a couple years . Honestly it’s not all it’s made out to be and establishing yourself in your career is more important right now

I think you need to think through location vs industry. I’m nyc you really want to be. A banker for the exit opps

also nyc consulting at MBB is fairly shitty. It’s a lot of ccars and PE dd. If you’re going to do that kind of work then you might as well be at a bank 


I appreciate your advice. Yeah, a consulting firm - mbb/big4 consulting. The market is terrible so I know it's not the best time to be asking. I do want to be in NYC if I'm honest, and maybe transferring is what i need to do after a couple years then. What did you mean when you said banker? not sure i can go into banking from consulting without doing an mba? I was thinking to ask them if I could appeal it

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I was a consulting in a Tier 2 city and enjoyed it very much; so I am not trying to dissuade you from consulting.

But as you think about your career you need to match your vocation to your geography. And if you know for certain that you want to live and spend your life in NYC then you should really build a career in the pre-eminent industry there which is high finance

If alternatively you are open on geography then you may find that you could pursue a really exciting career in strategy, operations, etc for say a tech company -- but that's not going to be in NYC

So my comment is just spend some time figuring out what's most important to you.  It sounds like you're fairly young so I would take the offer in hand and also recruit for other/better opportunities

I hate to say it and it goes against how I was trained, but these days I really don't think reneging is a big deal if you get a better offer (especially for junior roles -- moreso if you're a senior exec). you have to always look out for yourself.


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