Personality profile of a successful management consultant?

How would you describe the personality profile of people who are typically successful in consulting? In terms of introversion vs extroversion, agreeableness, neuroticism etc?

I'm mapping out some careers options and I think it makes sense to work towards things I would naturally fit in to, rather than choosing an uphill struggle from the start!


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May 21, 2022 - 7:36am
DrApeman, what's your opinion? Comment below:

It depends on the type of consulting you look at. I work in economic consulting but will soon transition to MBB, and the people seem really quite different.

At my econ consulting firm, I'd say people (consultants, specifically) are generally quite friendly, focused on doing the job well, and doing what we know we can do well. So, very much low-risk profile: I'll do what I know I can do and works well and nothing else. This is a bit informed by our backgrounds I suppose, we base ourselves on  economic theory/econometric methods for our job, and so there is only so much you can do if you want to remain 100% data-driven and empirical. It serves us well, and we are really pretty good in our niche. These are therefore people who like repeatability, consistency, and being able to shine by doing what they know.

At MBB, from my interviews and conversations during networking, they seemed to be definitely much more high energy. Although some of that may be a function of their level (the Senior Managers seemed like very hyper people, like you would be if you had to go to the airport now, and you forgot your keys inside, and someone was trying to talk to you as you rushed back inside). Now, gotta say, they were still super friendly, but that's the vibe I got. They seemed to be very achievement oriented, very self motivated, and comfortable with not knowing. Also, at all levels (from Consultants to Partners), they felt like they were super to the point, very direct, very action oriented. The type of people you'd see saying "Ok, here's a problem. Here is a 5-step plan to solve it. Let's start in 2mins after this brief and we'll be done by lunch." I'm pushing a bit, but that felt like the type.

In both circles, I feel that people do want to help you, and were very friendly. It may be an artefact of the firm I am currently at and the firm I applied to, so maybe I'm just lucky, but they both feel like helpful people. Hence, bigger difference in these two consulting fields, I'd say is Econ Consulting was at at a comfy 50-60mph while MBB felt like the people are going 90-100mph all the time (with the occasional drop to 80mph for cruising).

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May 21, 2022 - 11:14am

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